Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Red

I am all of a quiver!


Because of the impending:

I think I recognise some of those creatures. Who'd've thought they'd make it big in Hollywood?


  1. Oh no, not another!

    It looked decent up until the point when Hellboy was introduced.

  2. Is he shining his torch up your back passage?

  3. Oh, he'll grow on you, CyberPoo.

    MJ: Certainly not! My back passage is light and airy-

    No! Wait! It's private, small and secluded. Yes, that's right...

  4. Evidently IDV loves big red horny things.

  5. Far be it for me to disagree, Tim, I actually prefer smaller, flaming, feminine things.

    Character-wise, anyway...

  6. IDV is dangerously close to winning this bout...

    I love the original Hellboy movie. But I've never read the comics/graphic novels or whatever, so I don't know how much of a bad adaptation it is.

    Still, I'll either take Strega Papa to see this (my partner in dodgy movie crime) or wait for DVD. Looks awesome, though.

  7. I haven't read the comics either, T-Bird.

    Don't wait for the DVD - This film looks like it should be seen on the big screen!

  8. I liked the first Hellboy, and it was very faithful to the original material. Strangely, though, I'm not a massive fan of the original material, or the character.

    I'll see this, though, because the first one was an enjoyable movie.

    I think I already said that, didn't I?

  9. I'm still reeling from IDV's excellence in his comment.

    It has two meanings!

    I really like the fishman. Is it David Hyde Pierce that does his voice? I have such an inappropriate crush on him. *sigh* He could never requite me.

  10. I'm ignoring IDV's excrement in his comment.

    Maybe because I'm still reeling from having victory snatched in the battle of the blogs.


    David Hyde Pierce isn't doing Fishy's voice in the sequel. They've actually got the guy who plays Fishy to do it! Paying one man to do two things? REVOLUTIONARY!

  11. I am not so keen on imaginary monsters...

  12. Yes, Tim, you did. Although not in so many words.

    T-Bird: I must admit that when I left that comment, I didn't mean (or neven notice) the double entendre.

    As for D H-P, he *is* strangely alluring, isn't he?

    Tim: Excrement! What excrement?! Or is this another fit of pique because I dared to disagree?
    You know, when I finally make you mine (or you make me yours - either way works for me), you'll have to get used to some differences of opinion. After all, I do love a good arguement and am well known for my stubborness.

    D H-P's not doing Fishface's voice in this one?!? Oh, no! And he has such a mellifluous voice...

    Mutley: I suppose all the real ones in and around Bridport keep you busy enough?

  13. I'll never be yours!

    Anyway, I do believe you instructed me to get a room with T-Bird.

    Good day sir!

    *slams doors of said room*

  14. *cues up Pulp song*

    "Why don't you shut the door
    and close the curtains
    'cause you're not going anywhere!

    He's coming up the stairs and in a moment,
    he'll see you in your underwear...

    I couldn't stop it now
    There's no way to get out
    How the hell did you get here
    Semi-naked in somebody else's room?"

    Gee, I don't mind being used as a tool of revenge during this little lovers' spat. *tapping foot and waiting for IDV to enter through the door*

    Maybe Jarvis Cocker will come through the door too and actually pay my nice underwear some attention while you two duke it out. *huff*

  15. They'll be no duking it out while witchy-poo is locked out.

    Look, he's over there by Car. Crying. Possibly because I let Car's tyres down and pee-peed in the fuel tank.

  16. Tim: I DIDN'T MEAN IT!

    * slumps against door and sobs quietly whilst singing the next few lines *

    "I'd give my whole life just to see it.
    Just you, standing there,
    Only in your underwear."

    T-Bird: Despite your current "tool of revenge" status, I'd still compliment your underwear before attempting to wriggle between the both of you.

  17. Lawks! Now we're sharing the STC, too - It's meant to be...

    And Car would never let anyone do such things - It'd speed off before you'd got your flies undone! That must've been someone elses because I got here via Brolly.

  18. I would never occupy anything remotely close to you in the STC! I'd throw you into a wormhole.

    How dare you try to wriggle between. It'd be like putting something well-past it's sell by date between two particularly fine slices of bread.

    I'm rye! Or wry. One of the two!

    And don't you *dare* imagine me in my underwear!

  19. Shhhh. I hear sobbing at the door... I still don't hear any compliments about my underwear.

    It's almost as if you think y-fronts are not becoming to me.

  20. Tim: Oops... Too late.

    T-Bird: I was a bit choked up because I thought Tim'd let you wear his Big Bang pants already.
    But I see now, they're just Y-fronts with felt tip pen stars drawn on them.

    Hang on a minute... Who drew them on, and were you wearing them at the time?

  21. Let's call security. Are they my y-fronts? Good grief woman, that's like pulling a tablecloth off a table without sending all the plates flying!

  22. Tim: Yes. I am that good.

    IDV: Oh, and what's this *current tool of revenge status*. You say that like it's a temporary thing... should I be worried?

  23. His tool of revenge might be something to do with his detachable DeVice.

    Although I think we're safe - by all accounts it's been malfunctioning recently. And by recently I mean forever.

  24. Luv Hellboy...That Ron Perlman, first as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, now he's Hellboy...that dude's got some serious talent...

    Though, I wonder what Lucius Malfoy is doing in this movie.