Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Rear window

According to Frobi, the latest meme in Blogland is this one: The view from your kitchen window. I must admit, I haven't seen it anywhere other than his, but then I haven't looked very hard...

Anyway, just for meme's sake, here's my interpretation:

Now, technically, this isn't the view from my kitchen window. It's the view from my back door which is right next to the window (I don't have a picture from the window and can't take one because I'm still camera-less). It's also a year and a half old - If I had taken a picture today, all you'd have seen was the fence.

So, I suppose I'd better explain what everything is.

First, from left to right, the tall things at the back: An avocado tree that I've grown from a stone (avocado stone, not an actual stony stone), a Dracaena draco (dragon tree) that I've had since I was about 10, a furry tree the name of which escapes me and some kind of tropical fruit tree - I can't remember what fruit I grew it from, only that it came from Sainsbury's a few years ago.
Then, in the middle of the picture, from left to right again starting from the plant on the dining room windowsill: A Datura (with a manky Chlorophytum {spider plant} behind it), the few crinkled, pale green leaves of a twisted willow, a Zantedeschia (arum lily) with the big arrowhead shaped leaves and a Polystichum fern unless I'm very much mistaken.
Finally, underneath all the others are: A dwarf chocolate brown foxglove, an Aspidestra tucked under the arum lily, a Spathiphyllum (peace lily) under the fern and a Box shrub in the lower right corner.

And there you have it: The view from my kitchen door!

Please feel free to do your own and let me know when you've posted it so I can have a nose.


  1. If I took a photo from my kitchen window you'd just see the house opposite, and they'd probably think I'm a weirdo for taking a pic of their house.

    That being the case, I think I'll leave this one well alone.

  2. Or you could take a photo at night so we could see the reflection of you (in your pants * fingers crossed * ) taking the photo!

  3. Or not, I'm thinking. How does that work for you?

  4. It doesn't really work for me at all. Perhaps we can come to some other arrangement?

  5. When you've stopped scaring Sparkly Tim, I need your help over at my blog IDV.

    I have a botanical question, and you seem to know a lot about greens.

    I will also be doing this meme but not today. Maybe tomorrow when it's light out again.

  6. I'm thinking perhaps we can't!

  7. The view from my kitchen window is of the garages and some stairs. Just a lot of concrete. Not very pretty I am afraid...

  8. Tim! We are occupying the same time and space again! Heeeeeeelp Captain!!!

  9. Eeek! Where did you all come from? Not that hole in space/time under my sink, I hope?

  10. Or maybe we came from the planet Mongo through a wibbly hole in spacetime?

  11. I hope Ming the borING didn't follow you?

  12. T-Bird - it's meant to be!

  13. This is the weirdest meme ever and has consequently made me giggle till I spluttered. I'm not doing it though, because our landlords won't get a gardener in, so all you can see from my window is a bunch of slugs.

  14. What sort of witch's garden IS this?

    Where's the belladonna? The henbane? The mandrake?


  15. Anonymous12/3/08 12:35

    I'm not sure if I can comply, now that you've changed the rules. Not all of us are as adept as you at bending spacetime. So, although I could take a photo from my kitchen window, I just can't stride off an take one from a few feet to the side of my kitchen window 18 months ago.

  16. Anonymous12/3/08 12:47

    I am interested as to how you made the avocado germinate - I have tried loads of times and failed...

  17. Tim: Isn't it getting a little crowded in there?

    WillowC: Yeeeuuch! Slugs. Disgusting little muck-monsters.

    MJ: Oh, I keep the good stuff around the corner, out of the way. After all, I don't want the triffids to attack any gentlemen callers that may come up my back passgage.

    Qenny: You could try?

    Mutley: I suspended it over a jar of water by poking cocktail sticks in it that rested on the rim. Then, making sure the water was always touching the base of the stone, it sprouted forth after a month or so.

    It was a very boring thing to watch.

  18. I don't have a kitchen window, but the window closest to the kitchen is my balcony and I'm on the second floor. So I could probably aim for part of my next-door neighbor's balcony and down to the leaves and grass on the first floor.

  19. Anonymous12/3/08 21:04

    All these posts and no mention of his chocolate brown foxglove?

    For shame.

  20. Shhshshshshhh Tim! Don't tell IDV!

  21. Mine won't be nearly as pretty, but I will post my view soon.

  22. I killed my avacado plant and my kiwi plant:-(.
    The Beast and plants dont mix

  23. I'm so happy I don't have a yard.

    All that yard work *shudders*

  24. Tara: If your next door neighbour is Hot and likes sprawling on his balcony, you should *so* take a picture!

    Skillz: * slinks off with tail between legs *

    T-Bird: * rushes back enraged *


    Bah! Good luck to you, then. Not that you'll need it with your boobs and lady-parts!

    Dinah: Yay!

    * returns to seething jealousy and moping *

    Beast: I tried kiwi's once but they didn't last more than 5 or 6 months.

    CyberPoo: Well, that "star" outside your kitchen window sure was pretty. And the inner foliage looks nice even though it does stink!

    Laminate it!!!

  25. I don't have a laminator but I'll think about it

  26. Anonymous14/3/08 12:27

    I shall give it a go with the avocado and report back...I have grown ginger plants from roots from the shops very successfully.

  27. CyberPoo: You must have one at work? Take it there to do it.

    Mutley: See that you do. I've grown ginger, too. In fact, I've just started to water mine again after leaving it to dry out over winter. It should be sprouting up agin in no time!

  28. Unfortunately, where I'm currently staying, the kitchenette does not have a window...but back home, you'd've seen a lovely view of the second floor stairs and the parking lot and some bushes and bbq grills...

    Also, you may catch a glimpse of the lonely, nosey old lady next door, who's so bored out of her mind and desperate for attention, that she stays at the front window all day, waiting for someone--anyone--to walk by and she'll launch out with a barrage of questions designed to trap and immobilize the hapless victim into a half hour of useless, boring conversation...I've learned to sneak into and out of my home when she's awake :O

    Luv the ferns...also that looks like some sort of taro related plant with the heart shaped leaves...


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