Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Who's just got back from seeing Juno?

That's right. Me!

And what a wonderful film it is. Well worth the two month wait for it to be shipped over to Britland from America - Well, I can't think of any other reason for the delay...
I would write a review, but I can't be bothered, and don't really have the time, so you'll have to make do with the wiki-link up there and this poster:

I had tears in my eyes at the end. Naturally, I managed to suck them back in before leaving the cinema. But, just in case they fell out again, I put my hood up on the way home to obscure my face.

Yes, I had my hoodie on.

However, now I want a red one, like Juno. I'm fed up with black.


  1. I like Juno. Her eggo is preggo.

    How lovely is the whole thing? I also thought Michael Cera was *adorable* although I have liked that kid since Arrested Development.

    He does a great confused adolescent. I can't wait for him to be in more Jud Apatow films.

  2. You want a red hoodie like Juno?

    Do you also want to be up the duff like Juno?

    Do you want to BE Juno?

  3. T-Bird: There were so many great lines in it, but I've forgotten them already - Damn senility!

    Tim: Only if you become Bleeker.

  4. Never in a million years.

    Although I do like running and orange tic tacs.

  5. Just don't wear those hideous yellow shorts.

    Although, I imagine your well defined thighs and muscular buttocks will fill them much better than Michael Cera's.

    * imagines it *

  6. "Naturally, I managed to suck them back in before leaving the cinema"

    *makes up own jokes and chuckles*

    I've not seen Juno yet, but I've got a pirate copy. Yes, I know it's wrong, but I've nobody to go to the cinema with. Well, not THAT sort of cinema anyway.

  7. So hoodies DO have a use!

    Now if you would just obscure your face completely.

    Is Tim your baby daddy?

  8. Anonymous4/3/08 22:50

    Juno, is that the film about the city in Alaska?

  9. I love Juno! And I love that you saw it and loved it. Wasn't the ending sad? Not the song ending but the before ending. I heart Michael Cera. And Juno's Dad and stepmom!

  10. MJ - No way. He's like this weirdo stalker who keeps making horrific advances, and imagining me in hideous polyester shorts.



    (anyone else, you're good to go)

  11. Skillz: Go on your own like I did. Just pretend to be a bitter, aloof, singleton Gayer - It works for me.

    It has to!

    MJ: You'd better see Tim's response to that...

    Rimmer: No, it's the one about Zeus' wife.

    Dinah: The before ending was the bit that had me welling up. So emotional.
    I love Juno's dad & stepmum. I was expecting him to blow his top when she told him she was preggo (thanks T-Bird), but I was obviously thinking of J K Simmons J Jonah Jameson character from the Spiderman films.
    It's nice to see a non-wicked stepmother on the bigscreen for a change, too.

  12. Oh you are one to give Tim fashion advice.. wearing a hoodie and all. Blah ;)

    I wanna watch it too!

    At least we can blame the friggin subtitle people for the delay here. Maybe you get other subtitles too - spelling colour correctly and all

    *Objectifying Tim*


  13. *sigh*

    Can't we all just get along?

  14. "Just pretend to be a bitter, aloof, singleton Gayer - It works for me."

    You need to pretend?


  15. I actually walked out of Juno I hated the actress so much. I think that's such an adorable image though of you trying to obscure your sorrow with a hoodie.

  16. We all know what 'a hoodie' is slang for

    ***imagines IVD with foreskin stretched over head***

  17. That was the sound of me retching.

  18. Bloody hoodie, 18 months of national service would soon sort you out!

  19. CyberPoo: I think objectifying Tim should become a new international sport. At least it's one I'll be good at.

    T-Bird: No. I'm afraid not.

    And have you been taken over by the forces of goodness? That was a mighty bizarre comment...

    Tim: Obviously, I was being ironic.

    * imagines some more *

    Snooze: Gosh! Did you just hate her in Juno, or is your hatred for her universal?

    MJ: I thought your gag reflex drowned long ago...

    Beast: Urgh! Whose?

    T-Bird: I think I'll join you.

    Tickers: National Service? That'd make me even more surly and likely to wear a hoodie.

  20. At least Cyberpete offers me pudding and cookies when he objectifies me. You just present me with some rancid yellow polyester shorts.

  21. But Tim, you don't have to wear the shorts...

    I'm going to make a chocolate cake this weekend - Surely that must justify some objectifying?

  22. What is the story with these yellow shorts?

    It almost confuses me to be good at a sport.. but Objectifying Tim should definately be adopted by the Olympics

  23. I'm not wearing the cake, if that's what you mean.

    Can I be an event at the 2012 Olympics? I wouldn't have too far to travel!

  24. * stunned *

    Wait a minute... You're offering yourself as an Olympic event, Tim?

    You know there's a lot of jumping and thrusting and lunging and sweating, right?

    * can't wait for 2012 Olympics *

  25. Sorry, CyberPoo. I was so shocked by Tim's request that I almost forgot you!

    The yellow shorts originate from Bleeker (Michael Cera) - The boy in the Juno poster.

  26. You've been preemptively disqualified for drug abuse.

    Bringing the games into disrepute already? You disgust me!

  27. I didn't think carrying rohypnol was an Olympic disqualifying offence?

  28. Or, more accurately: I didn't think carrying rohypnol was an offence that led to disqualification at the Olympics.

    I bet the Queen is turning in her grave at that first grammatical shambles.

  29. Good god! Learn how to construct a sentence!

    I'm going to disqualify you for crimes against the English language!!

  30. Oh those yellow shorts are ugly

    I think IDV learned to construct sentences in Germany

    Tim? I think there will be a long line for the Olympic Tim event


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