Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Birthday aftermath

You may be interested to know that I did - after much hinting and then nagging - receive a digital camera for my birthday from several family members. Not one from each - One between them. I didn't want to appear greedy, after all.

However, this gift may be a bit pointless in the next couple of weeks or so.

Why? (Did I hear you say, or was that just one of you sighing?)

Because the Demon Box is going.

Yes. That's right. I shall be sans computron. It all comes from kicking out Non-Existant Boy at the end of this month - Well, the Demon Box is his, so he's taking it with him, naturally.

Now, my lack of technological knowledge has served me about as well as expected in my search for a Demon Box of my own. For you see, I have no idea what I'm after (except you, Tim).

I did complete a brief questionnaire thingy at Dell which led me to believe that I'd be more than pleased with an Inspiron 530 with [technobabble]. Would I?

However, I'd quite like one of these:

It seems friendly enough...

All I want to do is Blog, write, create 'masterpieces' in Paint and watch YouTube. However, I shouldn't really do these things at work (and I can't actually watch videos at work because of the GSI Proxy Demon), but for now, I'm going to have to try. You'll just have to put up with short and/or sporadic posts. Although, this one turned out all right...

Did someone say "Yay!" ?


  1. How about getting yourself one of those cute little laptops?

    They are easy to hide away in case you feel like doing that, and you can get one relatively cheap.

  2. Urgent message to TIM!

    Tim, please come to IVD's aide. Go to his house and help him purchase and install a new demon box.

    Then take pictures with the new camera of what transpires.

  3. Funnily enough I've got a Mac I'm selling.

    Hang on - why do I have to go to his house and help him?! Jesus Christ, if I did that, the only photos that would appear would be like something out of the Blair Witch Project, with ol' stalky-Mc-witch-pants looming out of the darkness as I set the demon box up.

    And that's the last you'd ever hear of me.

  4. CyberPetra: I thought about a laptop, but when I do sit down in front of a computer I'm usually there for ages, which means I'd want something more ergonomic, like a desk top one.

    MJ: It seems your message is for naught...

    Tim: Do as MJ says, this instant, you naughty boy!

    P.S. I don't want a Mac.

    Christ! What am I saying? I should be gagging at the opportunity to covet something of yours.

    Just not a Mac...

  5. I have a nice little lappy that follows me around the house. I like that idea... it's very comfy to plonk myself down wherever and natter about.

  6. What's wrong with a Mac, bastard?

  7. Will you two stop taunting me by sharing the STC!!

    You Two, the first: I do like the idea of blogging around the house/garden, but I just know I won't be able to get comfortable. Or leave it out in the rain, or something...

    You Two, the second: I don't like MacBastard's, that's all. Too colourful and eager. Pah!

  8. I didn't even know we were until now! I thought it was just you and me and some hot cross buns, IDV!

  9. Mmmmm... Hot Cross Buns.

    Actually, I haven't even had one this Easter! What have I been thinking of??

  10. I seriously doubt you've had ANYTHING this Easter…

    *GASP!* You diss Macs, you diss me, bitch.

    *Glove slaps IDV TWICE*

    Good day, Sir!

  11. Oooo! Bitchfight!!!

  12. Tim: Oh, you're just mardy 'cause no one wants your rubbish old Mac. To tell you the truth, I always thought you looked a little to 'Columbo' in it...

    And a good day to you, Madam!

    MJ: Honestly, Tim is just the biggest bitch, isn't he?

  13. BOTH of you!

    Naked and wrestling in oil.


  14. Motor oil.

    Timothy Elizabeth won't play unless you butch it up somehow.

  15. Can't I just knock him out?

  16. I said Yay, but only because of the digital camera. Yay!

    Good luck with the computer purchase. I have a laptop, but I usually only use it at my desk...where I would use a desktop computer. But it does make it easier for transporting it across the country.

  17. hehhehe! This is shaping up to be the funnest thread so far this year!

    Well, except for Pete's tittywank thread.

  18. Congrats on the camera! Best of luck finding a good computer. I'm using an old Dell laptop...7 years old, and it's falling apart. I've been pondering getting a new one, perhaps seeing what the big deal is with Macs at the local Apple Store...followed by a quick meal of a Big Mac and some Apple pie.

    The HAL 9000 is a fine long as you're not in orbit around Jupiter and cover your mouths with masks while plotting HAL's destruction in the soundproof room...

  19. Non-breeders are lucky bleeders. All I ever get are socks.

  20. MJ: As long as it hasn't already been around the engine several thousand times. I prefer Duckhams Hypergrade or Castrol Magnatec.

    Tim: At least you won't be able to knock me up - Unless you're VERY virile?

    Dinah: The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards getting a laptop... Yay!

    T-Bird: I need to catch up on the tittywank thread, but I daren't right now as I'm surrounded by managers...

    Eros: Remember to wear you mac when you go out to check out Macs & MacDonalds.

    I'll make sure that I have Strauss' The Blue Danube playing extra loudly while doing my mouth-covered plotting - Just in case...

    Tickers: Funnily enough, I actually need some new socks. I'll take some of your hands. Or should that be feet?

  21. Hal 9000's voice if you have to unplug the computer, "What are you doing, IDV? I'm sorry, I can't allow that."

    Well computer or not, I'm glad you got such a nice camera for your birthday! Hinting does help, doesn't it? :)

  22. No, it would definitely be knocking you out.

  23. Tara: If my new Computron spoke to me like that, I think I'd run from the house, avoiding the dining table in case it folded in half and tried to messily devour me on the way past with it's whirring, spinning blades!

    Sorry there were no full stops/periods in that sentence.

    Tim: I think you're getting a little too handy with those fists of yours?

    And I won't be turning that into anything sordid - There's only so much I can take, after all.

  24. I forgot you were at work! Please get a new demon box for Castle Device! Pleeeease!

  25. Actually, T-Bird, not long after I did that reply, I did sneak a peak. That thread just gets better and better!

    This is going to be the last evening of blogging from home... Boo!

    Well, until I decide on a laptop or desk top. I'm coming around to the idea of a laptop so I can lounge about in the garden in the summer months.

  26. I think I've been listening to 'Mama Said Knock You Out' by LL Cool J a bit too much…

    Have I broken you down!?

  27. Tim, if you remember IDV's post on haircuts, I think you would realize that he likes the rough treatment... ;)

  28. Tim, I wouldn't underestimate the constancy and subtlety of IDV's approach... I am appointing myself his body guard. But only if he'll sing like Whitney for me. To get to him, you have to get through me first!

  29. Tim: Not quite yet, so you'd better keep going.

    Just a little bit more... a little more... Oh, yeah! Right there! Ahhhhh...

    Eros: I do like a good scrap - But only if there's even better making-up afterwards!

    T-Bird: You're the best bodyguard Hag a witch could ask for!

    IIiiiiIIIIIIIIiiiiiiIIIII, will always love yooOOOOOoooooOOOOOooou!

  30. Well, whatever you do end up getting, do it quickly. Where else can I go to get my dose of schizophrenic rantings and humorous snips?