Friday, 14 March 2008

I beg your pardon?

At last! My true status has been verified!

This morning, as I was walking past the train station on my way to work, I was greeted thusly by the regular Big Issue seller there:

"Good morning, your Royal Highness. How are we today?"

Of course, I smiled graciously as I glided past, turning my head to face the bowing and scraping* minion who'd spoken up, and replied:

"Fine, thank you. Have a good day."

It was either that or "Beg me, Ross. Beg me." But I didn't think he'd get the reference.
Anyway, I walked towards work with a big grin slapped to my face, thinking what a wonderful start to the day.

And then I got to work and had an utterly shit day.


* He really did scrape. He looked like he was attempting to bow, but it kind of turned into a curtsey and then he looked as if he was going to fall over - Must've been the Tennants Extra he had for breakfast...


  1. So how did the opening of Terminal 5 go?

  2. Quite well, actually. A slight smile, a dignified wave, a hasty duck to dodge the champagne bottle that was launched slightly too close to my head for comfort...

  3. Yeah, my aim's a bit off this week…

  4. He thought you looked like m'aam as in jam not m'aam as in ham?

    Were you wearing polyester again?

  5. You can have this round, just for the "Beg me, Ross. Beg me"." comment.

    IDV: 3

    Tim: 2

    Me: 1

  6. Are we counting down to something?

  7. IDV spontaneously combusting when he realises he'll never get his grubby little paws on me?

  8. Ooh, maybe it's like the PBS show "321 Contact!"

  9. Was there any kowtowing going on?

  10. I see the papers have yet to reveal your recent actions in the war against terror--how else do you explain your recent disappearance...probably on a mission from Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    Be wary of the paper dude...most likely a spy...and like any Bond Film, you must knock boots before you off him with some hidden device designed by Q!

  11. Anonymous15/3/08 16:04

    I knew that, eventually, you're walking about wearing that tiara would get comments.

  12. Tim: Let's hope it stays that way.

    CyberPoo: I most certainly was not!

    Why, the very idea brought up a little bit of sick.

    T-Bird: Yay me! I'm glad that, like most royals, I wasn't carrying any money with me, other wise I'd've had to have said "Big Issue? Here... Have a fiver!"

    Tim: Well, I'm counting on somethings coming down.

    T-Bird: Yes, those.

    Tim: My paws are neither grubby, nor little. And I promise to keep my claws retracted.

    Dinah: Contact. Yes, that's what I'm hoping for after the countdown.

    MJ: Well, yes, but I don't think it was intentional (the drunken lush!).

    Eros: I'm not knocking boots with him - His boots are made of newspaper!

    As for my Secret Servicing, let's just say that I can be very discreet...

    Rimshot: I'm just surprised that it's taken this long!

  13. Will you be bashing Tim with your orb ans sceptre ???

  14. I might even get my sword out and Knight him, Beast!

  15. Anonymous15/3/08 18:39

    That's the first thing that's me me laugh today!


  16. Yay, indeed!

    Have you been a little down, Pigwig?

    * resists joke about size and Down *

  17. I'll take this opportunity to refuse any attempts to bestowe a knighthood upon me. In fact, if you come anywhere near me you might find it's more like orb SANS spectre.

    It'll be in the gutter somewhere, no doubt.

  18. The jury is out until IDV comes back to that.

  19. Very well, Tim. I shall cast you out to live amongst the peasants and work in the fields getting all hot, sweaty and muddy...

    Oh, my!

    * fans self *

    T-Bird: I'm coming back to the simpler, peasant way of life, I think!

  20. Timbo, he just trumped you, my friend.

    IDV. Still my hero.

    Shall we wait to see what Tim comes up with next *crosses fingers and hopes it involves a certain tool of revenge*

  21. so, did you buy a copy?

  22. Oh no, there you are, Queen of all you survey but unable to act on your love for the hunky peasant boy working the fields because of class divisions.

    You're locked into a loveless marriage with a pot-bellied inbred who cannot satisfy the urges of you (admittedly malfunctioning) DeVice, while hunky peasant boy marries a beautiful Autumn Reeser look-alike. And let me tell you, it's not just the fields he's ploughing these days, fnar, fnar.

  23. T-Bird: I may have trumped him, but now Tim's trumped in my face - The dirty git!

    Tickers: Heavens, no. I don't want to encourage him.

    Tim: Your ploughing in Autumn sickens me.

    * crack *

    * clunk *

    Oh. I think that was what ever was left of my heart...

  24. or your device malfunctioning again.

  25. Come here, Tim. Let me just test it to check.

  26. Can't you do that by hand. Like you usually do?

  27. This is a tie, gentlemen.

    Status: Quo.

  28. Great post and fab comments. You do have a way.


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