Thursday, 20 March 2008

A postcard from Polyhex


  1. I sure would like to see those holiday snaps

  2. I realize you're on hols but try to arrange for Broom to whisk you by my blog on Saturday.

    I'm saying no more.

  3. CyberPoo: The snaps of the Cybertron, or the snaps of the 4-armed waiter & Hot Rod?

    MJ: I'm sure I'll be able to pop along, bright and early.
    Although, I have this odd, unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach now - A bit like a feeling of dread...

  4. The snaps of you and the 4-armed waiter

    That would be an awesomely bizarre and yet somehow arousing sight I'm sure

  5. I bet your in Butlins Skegness really. ???

  6. CyberPoo: (Un)fortunately, there aren't any snaps of the waiter and me. But just imagine a game of Twister and you won't be far off...

    Beast: What planet is that on?

  7. The only reason the waiter is busy is because you keep ordering stuff. Stop trying to pretend you're up to shenanigans!

  8. Shhhhh! Shhhh! You're spoiling the image, Tim.

    Oh, OK. So it's more like mischief than your actual shenanigans.

    Do you know, it's quite hard not to write shenannygoat instead of shenanigans?

  9. That's just weird.

    Also: didn't Cybertron blow up?

  10. They rebuilt it, Tim! Well, it's a Vegas style replica full of bots only programmed to 'service' the tourists in any way possible.

    Say hi to Bumblebee for me!

  11. They rebuilt it a la The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

    Mmmmmmm Twister

  12. Anonymous21/3/08 13:04

    Will anyone be bringing back sticks of rock from Polyhex?

  13. Is that you in the lower right hand corner? What are you doing under an overpass? Is it some sort of historical marker?

  14. Tim: Naw. It just died a little bit.

    Will do, T-Bird. I'll give him your number...

    CyberPoo: Something like that, yes.

    P&T: The nearest thing they've got are inanimate carbon rods. Will a couple of those do?

    Eros: I must admit that, yes, it is me. In my exo-suit, of course.

    I was just waiting for a... ummm... Hot Rod.

    Yes. That's right.

  15. Hot Rod was the sauciest Transformer. But I still like spunky little Bumblebee.

  16. Now, I really liked Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


  17. Anonymous22/3/08 02:15

    Inanimate carbon rods will do just nicely, thank you.


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