Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sharing the love with li'l ol' Haversham

For T-Bird, Dinah & CyberPete.

And me, of course.

Oops! How did this get in here?
Back to my private collection with you!

Ooh, hello ErosWings. I see you managed to sneak in, too.

Well, for those of you that aren't aware, Eros is holding the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition, so get over there and leave a caption. Those parasitic polyester pleasure-bringers could be yours!


  1. mmmmm

    give me more more more, more more more

    more more more

  2. HA!

    mysic makes me lose control
    playing on your speakerphone
    track repeat go on and on

  3. You have far too many pictures of poor Conner.

  4. The Davidoff one. That's that cunt from Lost, isn't it?

  5. Are they all sufferers of the same torso allergy?

  6. Oooh. So many endorphins floating through my system right now... ahhhh.

    Cheers mate. You've made me a very happy crazy old woman.

  7. CyberPoo: Aaccckkk! Stop! Rewind! Rewind!

    Tim: That may be, but some are for my eyes only!

    P&T: If by "that cunt" you mean Josh 'Sawyer' Holloway, then yes. Yes it is.

    I suppose you prefer that insipid moron Jack?

    Skillz: It seems that way. Perhaps I'll set up a charity for these men and their hard, bulging torsos?

    T-Bird: It was the least I could do. If only for your cats. Perhaps you can stop throwing them around for a bit and join me in my charity work.
    I'm not going to just throw monay at them, though. Oh no. I prefer the hands-on approach. As I think you will, too...

  8. mmm. Many, many thank yous...this is just what the end of the week needed. That McSteamy one is so good...a classic moment from the show.

  9. *waits for photo of IVD torso to appear in this space*

  10. Josh Holloway...

    *drools like Homer Simpson eyeing up donuts*


  11. Don't be such a spoil sport

  12. Dinah: I could quite happily watch that clip again, and again, and again...

    MJ: * resolves to start doing sit-ups again *

    m'Lady: You're welcome.

    * hands over a napkin for the spillage *

    CyberSpew: Spoilsport?! I'm sure people don't want to hear how your sic (sic) makes you lose control...

    Snooze: Would you care for some sauce?

  13. Don't mind me, I'm just trying to find where I left the rest of my clothes...

  14. MJ, don't encourage him - you've seen how white his legs are! The last thing the world needs to see his cadaverous, albino, pre-adolescent torso!

  15. Eros: Now you've got The 'Shorts, you don't need any other clothes.

    Tim: I'd only bring out that particular torso for special occasions...

  16. That sounds kind of threatening…

  17. Why, thank you. Can I disturb you at any time?

  18. The restraining order says no.

  19. So, just Mondays, Tuesdays, Friday afternoons and every other Sunday.

    Bah. That'll have to do, then.

  20. So … you didn't get the revised one, huh? All the above are out, but you can have three minutes alone with a photograph on a Tuesday lunchtime.

  21. Bond Guy has a curious one-piece chest.


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