Monday, 26 November 2007

Attention! Attention!

ErosWings will be posting The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition today.

Get over there and get those caption skills going. Only, not right now as I don't think it is today yet in Texas. It's barely even today here in the UK...

:: EDIT 19:35 :: It's on! He's posted. Go and get some!


  1. Why on earth were you up at that ungodly hour?

    Not that I'm one to talk getting up at 4.45am to make it to work

  2. Heh. It was only recently that I realized because I was two hours behind where I used to be, I had to add two hours to where I thought everyone else is. Time zones are not my speciality.

  3. Hmmm... Perhaps I should've labelled this post 'Time Displacement'?

  4. Too fun! He did the shorts proud.

  5. "Go and get some"

    You want to lick that Texan bitch all over, don't you, ya filthy perv?

  6. IDV, thanks for the shout out! MJ, what a great idea! I'll get the tequila ready for body shots for all who stop on by!
    *strategically sprinkles salt on body*

  7. Not there YNF - that could force you to visit the doctor later

  8. I went to see the shorts this morning. I am still speechless.

    I don't know if those shorts are going to escape with their virtue intact.

  9. I see you're using this as an excuse not to post anything else for the rest of the week.

    Lazy cunt.

  10. Snooze: Didn't he. Although, I can stand to see them a little prouder...

    MJ: Not all over. Scalp and nostrils are a big no no.

    Don't worry Eros, We'll soon get rid of that salt...

    CyberPoof: Up for a game of Doctors & Nurses are you?

    Hey, KG! Isn't it. I trust you're gonna try and get those shorts for yourself?

    T-Bird: I don't know if The 'Shorts had any virtue to begin with?

    They certainly didn't after MJ'd finished with them. The dirty bitch.


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