Monday, 12 November 2007


Even after swearing that I'd never use the vile method of public transport again, I found myself aboard the NightShip. Thankfully, it wasn't a long journey from Londinium, relatively speaking, to Norwich.

On the way back, I'd got talking to a very nice young man called Marcus. Rawr! He's a total fox.

Well, not a total fox, a werefox, in fact.

He accidently stepped on the hem of my cloak almost garotting me. I turned to give him the Evil Eye (it was oozing in my pocket and I just wanted rid of it) and became rooted to the spot. Not only because he was still standing on my cloak, but because of his beauty. I'm surprised I didn't dribble.

Anyway, we got talking and it turned out he's a tree surgeon. I just happened to mention my cherry* and he, very obligingly, said he'd come over and see to it.

The NightShip stopped at Mousehold and we made to disembark. I glared at the red rubber clad ticket inspecting harlot and she gave me evils back. Marcus made as if to talk to her, but she spun on her heel, totally blanking him in favour of pushing an elderly demon down the gangplank.

On the dock, as the Nightship faded into the distance a bit sooner than normal physics allowed, I asked Marcus about the blanking. He replied:

to be continued...

* Tree. Cherry tree.


  1. A tree surgeon? That's a bit naff isn't it?

    Anyway your cherry is beyond recovery though

    I thought you kept it in a vase or something anyway

  2. On the dock, as the Nightship faded into the distance a bit sooner than normal physics allowed, I asked Marcus about the blanking.

    Notice that you took him where you felt most comfortable

  3. CyberPoo: A jam jar, actually.

    Connie: Oh yeah. Although, I had to rush him away pretty quickly - Too many familiar faces!

  4. Is it pickled or in any other way processed?

  5. I'm looking forward to pictures of him sorting out your cherry, although tree surgeon does sound like an odd career choice for a werefox.

  6. I hope you'll be very happy together ......or is that a bit previous??

  7. What? what did he say next?

    p.s. I'm off to google whether or not there are actual tree surgeons. I've heard of them, but never met anyone who actually knew one. Well, before you.

  8. CyberPoo: I lightly poach it in wine when the need arises.

    MJ: It takes up less space that way.

    Qenny: Unfortunately, neither of us was equipped with a camera at the time. Or perhaps I should say fortunately.

    Kaz: We were very happy together. And I'm sure we will be again. And again, and again, and again!

    Dinah: Next is coming up.

    There are also tree midwives, tree GPs, tree consultants and tree vets (for the dogwoods). No tree dentists, though.

  9. Don't forget the pedia-tree-cians! sorry...

  10. I hope the good Dr was able to attend to your hard wood concerns.


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