Saturday, December 01, 2007

Strict Machine

Ah, Goldfrapp. Somewhat bizarre, but altogether original.

This track introduced me to Goldfrapp. It was the combination of the music and the video. The dog headed men are strangely intriguing...
And not in that way!


  1. I double heart Goldfrapp, esp her cover of Yes Sir I can Boogie.

    Also, I quite enjoy whistling the intro to Lovelyhead

  2. I love that song!

    The video that introduced me to Goldfrapp was off Black Cherry, and called Train

    Odd, sexy and great

  3. I can picture the scene at the disco now:

    Random: "Mr. Device, this is Alison Goldfrapp."

    IDV: "Delighted, I'm sure. Aren't you a bit old to be cavorting around in a leotard? Nice song though."

  4. Well if it didn't stop prehistoric Madge then why should it stop Miss Goldfrapp Tim??

    Not that I approve of either cavorting in any item of clothing

  5. OOh la la...

    Awesome group!!!

    CP, I applaud your support of women cavorting nude--even if they are on the mature side...

  6. *laughs*

    What way exactly IDV?

  7. Bingowings: Ew that was definately not my intention

    no older women cavorting period

  8. I think Kylie should leave the Goldfrapp albums alone . . .

  9. Apologies, my dear, but I have tagged you - the details of this errant behaviour are on my blog. I couldn't resist seeing what you'd put...