Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Yay! First (time)!

Yay! Car passed its MOT today first time! Not even any warnings or recommendations - the test sheet is practically blank. All that's written on it is:

Carry out MOT Test £50.35


Now, if only Broom can do as well...


  1. Your number plate's covered in dead flies.

  2. Yes, they're a bugger to get off. No Garibaldis for me tonight.

  3. £50.35??

    Ha!I only pay £30.50.

    Plus I have contacts on the inside,so I never fail.

    Serves you right for living in England.

    And owning a car with that colour.

    *vomits over number plate*

  4. Yeah, but Car got a free safety check, wash & valet!


    Anyway, what colour's your car - Not the same hidous snotty bile green as your blog, I hope?

  5. Have YOU gone for YOUR MOT test yet?

    Minging Old Tranny.

  6. Mincing Old Tart you mean?

  7. I don't understand, but just wanted to say 'hi'.

    So then:


    I'll just be off to gorge myself on Turkey and Football (the kind with helmets and spinal injuries)

  8. Nice ride...I read about a study on car colors and the drivers. Seems red cars drivers are full of zest, energy, and think, move, and talk quickly. Them be some very useful skills in case one tries to flee from the vice squad.

  9. your car looks very big. and phallic. in a good way.

  10. Do you really live there? Reminds me of the street they used for filming that winning 1980s Liverpool sitcom Bread!!

  11. MJ: In My Own Time.

    SID: I don't really like mince pies...

    Rimjob: Hiya! Do come again.

    Just wipe up afterwards.

    BingoWings: I'm sure I don't know what you're implying.

    Skillz: It only took me 15 goes to get into that tiny space!

    Dinah: Car can satisfy me like no other!

    Gleds: Bloody Bread?! How dare you!!

    Actually, I do live there. The house on the left with the cordyline in the garden. And the street isn't as steep as it appears in the picture.


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