Saturday 24 November 2007

300: How far we've come

2 x 150

3 x 100

4 x 75

5 x 60

6 x 50

10 x 30

12 x 25

15 x 20



    That's my little 300 homage.

    Congrats, you old stoat!

  2. Thank you, Tim.

    I was going to post about 300 half-naked, muscular men, but then decided to keep it to myself...

  3. How far did you come???

    300?? 300 what?? mm? inches?? metres??

    Keep spurting!

  4. Jeebus Tim! You stole my joke!!!!

    Uh, IDV you *know* you need to share the love with little 'ol Haversham here. Bring on the pictures, thanks.

  5. 300 what?

    Boats full of seamen?

    Doses of the pox?


    Does the 300 include all the times such as 'Another weekend away, back monday' and 'I'm back. I'll post tomorrow' and 'For the next 3 days I'll be elsewhere', etc etc

    Yadda, yadda yadda.

  6. SID: Well, the Host did once hit the living room wall from a tryst on the settee-

    Eeek! Why am I sharing this with you? Too much wine!

    T-Bird: I'm sure I'll be able to find some pictures for us to perv over...

    Piggy: Of course it does. What else do you expect from a "lazy cunt" such as myself?

    btw, it's not 300 doses of pox...

  7. Ewwww IVD!Too much information.

    More! How long did it stay there?
    Did you lick it off?

    Did Mummy IVD ask you what it was??

    Your explanations??

    I like it when you drink.

    More wine??

  8. The big yellow one is my favourite, I think. And I'm glad you kept the men for a little present. Not that I wouldn't have appreciated them as well, but I'm glad you got a present.

  9. SID: I wasn't in my house at the time. Lets just say that it was hastily wiped off as the house owner's wife came home unexpectedly...

    It was a long time ago, and that's all I shall say on the matter.

    Unless, I finish the bottle.

    * refills glass *

    Dinah: The best types of presents are the ones one can share!

  10. Well done IDV, I look forward to your next 300 personalities!

  11. 300 wanks.

    300 "tartcards" distributed with IVD's phone number in 300 phone booths.

    300 dockhands in one day.

    300 cameo roles in 300 low-budget porno films.

    300 sweaty jockstraps crocheted together to form IVD's duvet.

  12. Wyndham: By the time I get around to 600, I think they will have all killed each other.

    Ah, peace...

    MJ: How dare you! Those films weren't low budget!

    T-Bird: Most of them...

  13. How can you possibly not post half naked men?

    All we get is lousy math?


    So you weren't smurfed on your holiday then?

  14. Just for you, CyberPoo (and T-Bird & Dinah), I'll do a half naked men post in the next few days.

    Smurfed? Set upon by hundreds of tiny blue men and one tiny blue bimbo? Heavens, no!

  15. Different definition

  16. The first two the last ones are wrong as far as I'm told by my very pervy friends

    Thanks for doing a half naked men post and congrats on the 300!

  17. Congratulations! You don't look a day over 200!!! What's your beauty secret?

  18. Bingowings: IVD's beauty secret?

    He uses tramps' cum as a moisturizer.

  19. Maybe it's just his birthday. Need a fire engine on stand by to blow that many candles out.

  20. CyberPoof: Oh.


    Thank you.

    KapWingggg!: Oh, you flatterer!

    * blushes *

    And my secret isn't MJ's disgustable suggestion.

    Tatas: Oh, you flatterer!

    * blushes some more *

    I'm considerably older than 300, but thank you. Can I have the firemen once they've finished, please?

  21. I'd better tell them before MJ grabs them. She's a dirty whore.

  22. It's like a sinister version of sesame street! Or should that be less sinister?


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