Tuesday, 29 May 2007

10 things that cheer me up

I feel a bit better now. Mostly because I'm no longer at poxy work, the sun showed its face briefly, I've just spoken to one of my best friends on the phone and, with this post, I'll have eclipsed my previous record of 15 posts in a month!

Anyway, here're somethings that cheer me up. Not my definitive top ten, and not in any particular order...

1. Shameless eFlirting. Especially with Tim because he's such a pretty boy (especially now he's had his nails done!) and a good sport with it. Actually, I'm not so much flirting as blatant. Sorry.

2. Sshhhhhhh... Don't tell them this, but the vile insults from John & Martin and MJ make me laugh! Unless they're so horrifying that I'm momentarily stunned.

3. Damian Lewis when he sometimes pops up at T-Bird's.

4. Whenever Spike says "DeVice dear".

5. Pretty much anything that Funny Thing posts because, after all, she is a very funny thing.

6. Goldfrapp's Ride A White Horse, the Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey parts one & two.

7. Seann William Scott.

8. Swimming under water.

9. Pottering about in the garden and discovering new growth, or a new flower, on an old, or forgotten, plant.

10. Seeing kids fall over. Damagingly hard!

Ooog! Sorry about the atrocious colours. The link-thingies didn't show up so I changed the colours but they're not right, and I can't be bothered to back and change them again. Plus, I'm colour blind so there's no guarantee that, if I did, they'd be any better!

Yay! Sun's out again!


  1. Beautiful. Makes me want to delete the draft I did of "10 things that make me suicidal".

  2. Anonymous29/5/07 20:49

    Those 'new growths' you spoke of.

    I bet they're on your arse, aren't they? Right on the edge of your starfish.

    And I bet they make hissing sounds and anyone unlucky enough to get near to them.

    Except that tramp down the road.

  3. Anonymous29/5/07 20:50

    Skillz - Do it! Write it, I mean. Not delete it.

    And please let IVF be one of the 10.

  4. Its a Yay! for earthangels falling over!

    *Bets IVD is number one on Skillz list*

  5. Anonymous29/5/07 21:20

    *bets IVF is implicated in all ten*

  6. Where's fuckkit? If you've any ideas, visit my blog and list them.

    Swimming underwater?

    That's a good thing?

  7. You've been flirting with me?!

  8. *holds IVD's head under water*

    New growth? Another wart on your wand?

    Do all your little friends know your name has been changed to IVD?

  9. Skillz: I notice you didn't, though!

    M and J: * hissssssssssssssssssssss *

    Happy now?

    SID: Nyah! Nyah! I'm only number 6.

    Tickers: Excellent 'Where's Fuckkit?' list.

    I practise swimming underwater in case she 'passes through' the drag queen, and comes to get me. Lesbians like Fuckkit don't like to get wet in case they become clean.

    Tim: With you? Oh no, I meant the other Tim. You know, the one that's just painted his, uh... kitchen (yes, that's right) and he was nearly accosted by a, umm... sparrow in the park.
    Oh. Did I accidently link to you instead of him? I do apologise.

    MJ: They do now, thank you.
    Some are even taking it upon themselves to come up with other names - thankyouSkillz.

    * turns into a crocodile and bites MJ's legs off *

    Pah! They were mostly dust. How old did you say you were?

  10. *hopes IVD gets dry rot from biting my leg*

  11. Anonymous30/5/07 08:24

    The dry rot would take his mind off the fleas.

  12. Anonymous30/5/07 18:21

    You have been experiencing some extremely Stressful Times. This means only one thing. You Know what It is, too.

  13. MJ & M and J: I don't know about dry rot, but the fleas are fighting some woodworm...

    Cyberpete: Why, yes I do.

    Wait a minute... That's not a euphemism for something else, is it?

    Fifthy: The Witching Hour?

  14. that's such a nice list. But really, Seann William Scott?

  15. Anonymous1/6/07 18:18

    I'm liking the colours. They have a certain clashy something.

  16. Cyberpete: Oh, I say!

    Dinah: Yes. Definitely, yes! Have you not seen him? He rivals Jamie Bamber, although he's not quite up to Connor Trinneer's high standard!

    Qenny: Phew! Another colourblinder.


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