Friday, 1 June 2007

Yay! First!

As I've posted something on the first of every month for the last few months (OK, except February and March), this month should be no different. Except that I've nothing of any significance to report. Prepare to be thrilled!

I had a lovely swim this morning. The pool was quite empty, enabling me to do a length and a half underwater without anyone getting in my way because they couldn't see me. An added bonus was the absence of that trailing mermaid.

Work was amazingly stress free. I managed to get away with doing shit all before going out with the other two members of my Work Coven for drinkypoos at lunchtime. This afternoon, I cleared my In, Pending and Out trays then buggered off early (3:30!) having exhausted myself with a full five hours & 35 minutes in that ghastly place.

I jumped into Car when I got home and we sped off to Sainsbury's where I managed to spend over one hundred shitting pounds! I blame the wine and washing powder. To make matters worse, Jamie Bamber wasn't there. And I'd worn my most arse-flattering jeans, long-sleeved powder-blue T-shirt and favourite ruby slippers red trainers, too. Bugger.

Never mind. The weather here is simply delightful! The sun's out. There's a slight breeze and the temperature is a not-too-hot 19 degrees. It's the best weather we've had for a couple of weeks. It's absolutely tiddled it down for the last week or so - At least I haven't had to water the garden. Once back from Sainsbury's (I should really get them to sponsor me as I mention them so often!), I pottered about in the garden for a bit before opening a bottle of wine and putting a pizza in Apocalypse Oven - Which, to it's credit, cooked it perfectly, for a change.

As I sit here regaling you with my eventful day, I'm listening to Johnny Mathis' A Certain Smile, the final few bars of which remind me of the Dungeons & Dragons theme. Ooh, Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman is on now! At least it's calming me down as I think about the phone call from my sister, Inexcuseable, yesterday. She's getting married in a couple of weeks time, and is going out with her baying, screaming coven tomorrow night. She asked if I'd go out with them. Eeeeeek! I said yes before remembering to turn Autopolite off. Quite why I had it switched on while talking to her, I don't know.

Ummm... That's about it.

May your weekend be Famine, Pestilence, War and Death free. Not to mention Vermin, Petulance, Warts and Deaf free, too.

Ta ra!


  1. Powder blue?

    Could you be any more of a poof?

  2. Daniel Craig wore powder blue trunks in James Bond, and he's not a poof. Sadly.

  3. It's likely you'll be seeing more of Jamie in Sainsburys bearing in mind that they just announced that BSG is going to finish next year.

    He'll be working on the deli counter.

  4. Johnny Mathis? Glen Campbell?

    Are you off your fucking head?

    *shakes own and departs*

  5. I thought Daniel wore duck egg blue????

    What the fuck am I saying?????

  6. I have only seen bachelorette parties on Coronation Street, where people usually get pissed and sleep with the barman, loll about in the street, or get murdered. I hope for lots of details from you about a real live one.

    I left work at 3:30 today too!

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    I woke up at 2pm and got through acting out the role of Sue Ellen.

    Don't you just love that vodka rocks.

  8. Has Jamie Bamber ACTUALLY got a 'tiny penis'? Or am I being uber-gullible as per usual. Is he even gay? I guess it doesn't matter. But the penis thing does.

  9. Bamber has a micro-penis.

    I've heard it's true.

    And he was born with no anus, so he had to have an op to create one.

    I've heard that too.

  10. Tim: Yay! I mean, Boo, no more BSG. I mean, Yay! Jamie Bamber servicing me in Sainsbury's! I mean, Boo, no more BSG. I mean, Yay! etc etc...

    M and J: Shake a little harder and they might come off.

    Go on. Put us all out of our misery.

    SID: Poof!

    Dinah: Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't go. Inexcuseable let me off.

    Cyberpete: Oog... I always end up having hideous experiences when I drink vodka - Much like Sue Ellen!

    I'm a gin girl!

    iPandah: Well, not that I have first hand experience (yet - see Tim's comment and my subsequeynte reply), but M and J seem to know something...

    M and J again: My! Aren't you just a wealth of information?

    So, is his penis bigger than yours, then?

  11. just as well, seeing as most of them end up in murder and regretable hookups...

  12. That's very unfortunate. A micro-penis AND no anus? Thank god he at least had working on BSG to look forward to. Though if it's ending, what will be left for him? Sainsbury's I guess.

  13. Thank heavens for Daniel Craig's trunk. Trunks, rather.

    I need autopolite. Save me so much hassle.

  14. Dinah: I haven't heard from Inexcuseable today, so I can only assume she's inappropriately hooked up with someone. Or murdered someone - Woe betide anyone who tries to murder her!

    iPandah: And me!

    M'Lady: Ah, Autopolite is overrated.

    I'd only thank heavens if Daniel Craig's trunks inexplicably fell off...


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