Friday, 25 May 2007

Too late

Gah! I missed SEAT Leon Man this morning! As I was walking up my road, I saw him flash past the top on the main road.

I was only a couple of minutes later leaving this morning, too.

It was those pesky cabbage white caterpillars' fault. The Parents turned up yesterday evening for a snoop around, and The Father found a load of just-hatched caterpillars all over one of my plants. As I was far too lazy to get rid of them that night, I thought I'd do it this morning. Which I did. Picking the little blighters off the leaves and depositing them on the bird table, in the hope that Beaky and his pals would snap them up.

The annoying thing was today's a 'dress-down' day at work, i.e. jeans & T-shirt, as opposed to shirt & tie, and I wore my tightest red T-shirt in the hope of attracting Seat Leon Man's attention. Not to make him swerve off the road and plough into me, of course. Just a longer-than-normal glance would have done.

So now I'm all 'dressed-down' with no where to go!



  1. Anonymous25/5/07 15:02

    Darn, hate it when that happens. I think you look lovely, however. If that counts at all. Red's my favorite color.

  2. I suggest you pose as a hitchhiker and use your broom handle to get his attention instead of your thumb.

  3. Everyday is dress down day for me at work! In fact, we actually considered introducing dress-up Friday last year.

    Here's an easy way to get rid of caterpillers: concrete over your garden.

  4. that was our method last year, but with ants.

    Mmm. Thanks for the red shirt long as you're not a star trek red shirt.

  5. Eh? Tight red shirt? IDV?

    Nice mental picture, that! Seat Leon's loss.

  6. *Tries to see subconsious link between sacrificing caterpillars (before transforming into beautiful butterflies) and failure to colourfully attract SEAT man*

    *decides I think to much*

    *decides to get drunk tonight*

  7. *acknowledges grammatical error "too much"

    *laughs at John and Martin for being too slow to notice*

  8. That's just not right. Why on earth didn't you get your father to take care of the caterpillars before he left? Once he pointed them out, you could have said, "Oh how would you fix that?", and then feign interest as he got rid of them all.

    Or does that just work for daughters?

  9. That's what I would do snooze!

    Or if it's a potted plant just chuck it in the bin.

    I almost wore a red t-shirt to work Friday. Went for the boring grey one though.

  10. What's worse than biting into an apple and seeing a catepillar?

    Domestic violence.

  11. Thank you, Fifthy. It counts a lot!

    MJ: Well, it is bigger...

    Tim: I think you should introduce 'Dress-Up Day' at work. I want to see some tux-ed up editor pics!

    Dinah: You can be sure I won't be joining any landing party to some polystyrene be-rocked planet any time soon!

    T-Bird: I aim to please. Even though my aim's terrible. Obviously overshot SEAT Leon Man and landed in Australia!
    Can you tell I'm rubbish at sport?

    SID: I think SEAT Leon Man must be colour blind.

    * also laughs at John & Martin, but mainly because they're cunts *

    Next time, Snooze. Next time...

    Cyberpete: Good to hear from you again. I thought you'd got lost, or something.
    Just beware when you wear a red shirt - A Mugato might get you!

    Skillz: I know I shouldn't but: Bwah hah hah ha! Good job I'd finished my wine, otherwise I'd be licking it off the screen!


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