Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Eeeek! I've had to stop moping, for The Coven has been compromised!

The insidious infiltration was made by none other than Piggy & Tazzy John & Martin, the ringleaders * snigger * of the Monkeys of Doom.

Dinah: Close your eyes, honey*. T-Bird, Dora & Tina, I think you can handle it. Haven't they been to yours already, T-Bird?

Poor Tim.

Not only is there mention of the C word, but also - Lawks! - atrocious spelling!

* Snaps to whoever** gets the reference.
** OK, I'll give it straight to Skillz.


  1. If you're expecting me to get that Aliens reference you're sadly mistaken.

  2. They want to see my penis!

  3. (John and Martin, I mean, not the Aliens.

    Although they might, I tried asking but they just hissed and dribbled acid everywhere.

    The Aliens, I mean.)

  4. John and Martin...nope.. won't get use to it.

    Aliens from the star system Queynte...ah much better!

  5. Skillz: Oh, I'm so disappointed... pointed... pointed...

    Tim: Are you sure it wasn't John who hissed and dribbled acid?

    SID: The Queynteans? You're right, that is much better!

  6. Is John Piggy and Martin Tazzy? I love finding out people's real names!

    Hee hee! Someone said 'penis'!

  7. 'Someone'?! 'SOMEONE'!? Am I so easily forgotten, T-Bird!?!?

    Am I only memorable because I said penis?

  8. Your name really is IVF, isn't it?

  9. T-Bird: Full snaps to you! In fact, it's just like a game of snap.

    That guy who said 'Penis': Who the Hell are you? And stop saying 'Penis' here!

    MJ: Shhhhhhhhh... Don't tell everyone!

  10. Thank S***ty C**ting F**ks for that.


  11. *puts hands on hips*

    I'll say penis whenever the hell I want!

  12. An infiltration! How exciting!

  13. Betty: Your use of language seems somewhat familiar. Especially 'cuntistry' over at your Blog. In fact, I'm surprised you '*'ed out the swears here?

    But I suppose that wouldn't be ladylike, would it?

    Oh Good Grief! He's at it again!

    Snooze: But imagine the mess those two make. I'd hate to have to clear up after them.

  14. Oh yes. In space, no one can hear you cream.

  15. Penis!

    I have no idea what's going on, and I love it.

  16. Probably a good thing, Tickers. Some people can be a bit vocal when climaxing...

    Dinah: Right back at you!

    Ummm... I hope that didn't get you in the eye?

  17. "Lawks" are you a cock -er nee Mr Id? Emphasis on the cock. Obviously....

  18. He has one, Mutley.

    Albeit a small one.

    We hear.

    Still, not much point for a cock when the preference is for someone elses up the arse.

  19. penis, cocks, arse. *Someone* has started a smutfest!

  20. Would 'vagina' be too off-topic?

  21. Mutley: Certainly not!

    Although, I do have a cock, ear and knee. Two of each of the last two, in fact.

    M&J: And you're not getting anywhere near my arse!

    T-Bird: Disgusting, isn't it? It could only be M&J...

    Tim: Eeewwww! Eww! Eeewww!

    There had to be one that lowered the tone so much that it could only be picked up by whales.

  22. Then we'll have to go back to the future (or is it past now?) and get the Enterprise to help us. Or something. Either way, we all need to go to San Francisco.

  23. To rescue George and Gracie!

  24. And to steal high energy photons from the Enterprise!

    Everybody remember where we parked.