Thursday, 3 May 2007

Yet more Aaaaaaaaarrghhh!

Well, I thought I'd managed to thwart the HTML demons by upgrading my Blog to the new drag'n'drop layout thingumajig. But, no.

Those pesky demons have infiltrated the upgrade and are now preventing any sort of dragging. Or dropping, for that matter. Not that I would drop one, of course, for that would be most unbecoming!

Not only that, but whenever I try to add a new Page Element, they force me back to the Dashboard. At least it's not glaringly white in here anymore.

This may require all my cunning and intellect to utterly vanquish them.


EDIT: 22:07 Oof! I've lost some of you. Step into the light...


No. Not you, the Unlinked.


* sigh *


  1. Ha ha, aaah, I had probs with this new stylee thing when I upgraded. In fact, I seem to remember wasting an entire weekend on it. I should invoice Blogger for the time - and so should you!

  2. It seems like I've wasted an eternity already.

    Now. Where're my invoice slips...?

  3. Anonymous3/5/07 23:55

    Jut in time for you to update our (non-existent) link too!

    Oink and Arf! Taz n Pig have transmogrified!

  4. the Unlinked is such a great name. I'm totally stealing it from you, some day.


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