Monday, 28 July 2008

Tramampoline! Tramapoline! Trampopoline!*

Oh my gods! I've just read THE BEST NEWS EVAH! There's going to be a Tron 2!!

Here's a clip from the first film (from 1982) just in case you have no idea what I'm going on about:

I'm so excited that I might just let out a little bit of wee.

* OK, so the title has nothing to do with this post except to compare how excited Homer was about the trampoline (gosh, it's difficult to spell it right) with my excitement about Tr2n.


  1. I remember Tron when it came out! Good grief - I'm amazed yet kind of concerned that you are so excited about the sequel. I had forgotten about the original.

  2. I'm just about to watch the original again, Snooze!

  3. I was always totally "meh" about Tron. I watched the bootleg teaser for the new one and I'm totally "meh" about that too.

  4. I've never seen Tron, and only know it through the Simpsons, when Home goes behind the bookcase and ends up becoming 3-D.

    "Has anyone seen the movie Tron?"

    "No.""No.""No.""No.""No.""No.""No.""Yes. I mean, no."

  5. Tim: Well, 'Meh' to you too, then!

    I'm just jealous that you've seen the teaser - Disney have pulled them out of circulation now.

    Dinah: I love that episode!

    Homer: I'm somewhere where I don't know where I am.

    Patty & Selma: Yeah. The shower. Heh heh heh heh heh!

  6. Hmm. Might give a little bit of a look-see! Who is tronning it in the little suits this time?

  7. Tragedy (the original TRON) plus time = cult classic! Ok, tragedy is a bit of an overstatement, but you either loved or hated Tron. I fall into the former group and look forward to TR2N with baited breath.

  8. Well, I might just see this; the original was fun and well...original, I suppose. I totally forgot the plot, but the fantastic graphics--at the time--totally had me engrossed.

  9. I am going to try those right-angled turns on my bike tonight!

  10. I did see the original Tron at the cinema - it was just so long ago I can't remember much about it.

    Does anyone remember the Lawnmower Man?

  11. Did someone say cakes?

    *assumes squatting position*

    Frobi, I saw Lawnmower Man.

    IVD, don't the sailors use your body as a trampoline?

    I think your drag name should be Tramp-O-Lean.

  12. I didn't even see the first Tron, now there's a second one coming?? I'm falling behind.

  13. T-Bird: Well, Jeff Bridges again. But also Jeff Bridges from 26 years ago, apparently.

    'Shot: It worked for the BeeGees and Steps.

    Eros: Oh yeah, there was a plot...

    Dinah: No wonder Homer was so bulgy!

    W*P*D: Don't fall off!

    Frobi: Wasn't Pierce Brosnan in the Lawnmower man, or am I greatly mistaken? I didn't see it.

    MJ: And I think yours should just be Tramp.

    Tara: 26 years behind! C'mon, catch up!

  14. Eh? They must be using some sort of dark majicks if they are trying to get Bridges 26 years ago.

  15. I only know about that from the From Paris To Berlin video.

    I hope they do big Hollywood blockbuster thing. One with closeups when they do the scanning thing.

    Possibly like when they suited up in Batman & Robin. Hello!

  16. *huff*

    That's me behaving.


  17. Geez - are we still on Tron?! Why don't we just all put on our neon wetsuits and get over it?

  18. T-Bird: If it works, we'll have to give it a go with Harrison Ford!

    CyberPetra: Ooh, yes. A close up Robin scan... Mmmmmm...

    T-Bird: Hee hee!

    Tim: Well, you can put *your* neon wetsuit on if you like...

    I'll post something later - It's the first of the month, after all. I don't know what, though.

  19. Now don't go leaving out Batman

    that would be wrong

  20. well having seen your utube clip I am still none the wiser.


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