Saturday, 12 July 2008


In the absence of any gumption from myselves to post something more creative, I give you Book Meme (the second edition).

1. Pick up the nearest book - Now, I had to employ some lateral thinking here, as if I'd picked up the nearest book in this room, I'd've got The Colour Of Magic again seeing as it's the first book in line on the shelf nearest me (about six feet away). Therefore, this meme would be the same as the first one I did. So instead, I picked up the actual nearest which is in the living room only two feet behind me at most, but on the other side of a wall. I had to go further to get it, but it's still technically the nearest.

Anyway, the book is: Colin & Justin's How Not To Decorate. Fabulous!

2. Open to page 123 - Done!

3. Find the 5th sentence - Uh oh. Only two sentences on this page, but a rather nice picture of a cool, contemporary dining room. Better start again...

1. Next book in line - The City Garden Bible by Matt James.

2. Open to page 123 - Yay! A whole page of sentences!

3. Find the 5th sentence - 'Basements can be screened from above by several methods; some permanent, some temporary; and some ideas are a mixture of the two.'

4. Post the next three sentences - 'Permanent structures would involve putting beams at intervals across the basement roof, rather like a pergola in an above ground garden, and covering them with Akebia quinata, Clematis armandii or Trachelospermum jasminoides - that way you get a rather more fragrant version of the net-curtain effect. Think about safety, though, and make sure you support beams securely against the walls using joist hangers.
You don't have to be restricted to just wooden rafters; contemporary schemes look good with steel or ironwork, or even stout steel wires.' Christ, Matt! Next time use shorter sentences.

5. (Tag five people, and) acknowledge who tagged you - Tara & CyberPetra!

There. Wasn't that fun?


  1. *whispers to IDV that he was tagged by Tara too*

    Now I don't really care about gardening or support beams. Still I learned something new. Yay for that.

    *wanders off to spend even more money on the interweb*

  2. Eeeep! Yes. I've just come back from Tara's where I noticed the tag. Post updated now, thanks CyberPetra!

  3. No problem!

    Oh and thanks to you, I just spent £46 on amazon. Dammit! Mort and Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett and two other books that will show up in a future book update.

    I'll go broke soon.

  4. But you don't live in a city. You're outside London - do you even have running water and electrickery?

  5. CyberPetra: I'm looking forward to your next review.

    Tim: Norwich *is* a city. It's two - that's TWO - cathedrals say so. A Cathedral being an indicator of city-status, and all...

    And yes, we have a river, and yesterday there was a thunderstorm with lightning, so thpbbtpbtbbpththbbppt!

  6. Since you're such a big Colin and Justin fan, some of their advice should have rubbed off on you by now.

    *i'm certain that's not all IVD would like to have rubbed off on him by the pair*

    So why don't you get busy with your camera and give us a house tour?

  7. Colin and Justin ???? I suppose someone had to buy it.
    I wouldnt publish pictures of your house . Miss MJ made some scathing remarks about my rug. It scarred me for life.

  8. Anonymous12/7/08 16:05


    Bet that made you cough?


  9. I'll probably update with the latest book I've finished sometime next week.

    I love MJs idea of you showing us your house. Room by room.

  10. But it's not really a city, is it?

  11. Thanks for doing the meme! When I was tagged for the second time for this meme, I had to go into my bedroom to get the book that was nearest to me.

  12. Joist hangers, eh? Why is that making me think of someone's basement being 'it puts the lotion in the basket?'

  13. Book. The closest book in this room is the phonebook. Actually, that's the only book in the house.

  14. Anonymous13/7/08 11:06

    Would you recommend The City Garden Bible? I am busy trying to sort my garden and getting nowhere super fast. Does it have any fruit/herb/veg growing ideas?

  15. MJ & CyberPetra: We'll see about the house tour. I'm mindful of Beast's comment, though.

    Colin and Justin *are* quite cute!

    Beast: I wasn't aware that you wore a wig?

    SID: I'll cover my mouth in case I cough it up in your eye.

    Tim: it *IS*! It's an actual city. The signs even say "Welcome to Norwich, a fine city".

    Tara: The things we do for our blogs, eh?

    T-Bird: "I don't know, Sir. And those are the facts."

    That's a quote, pop pickers. Snaps to whomsoever knows/guesses who said it.

    Pissoff: Heathen.

    W*P*D: I was hoping no one would ask me that as I haven't actually read it! I've looked at the pictures, though...

  16. Tim seems rather upset by this city thing, doesn't he?

    I love the picture of Colin and Justin.

  17. I promise I won't say anything (too) bad about your decor.

    You could turn it into a meme and force other people to do it aswell.

    Think about it.

  18. No, I think it actually says "Welcome to Norwich, a fake city."

    Stop sounding so desperate, you'll upset your fellow villagers.

  19. Dinah: He does doesn't he? Must be a case of City Envy.

    CyberPetra: Ooh! I'm liking the meme idea.

    I'd better get my pinny and Marigolds on and have a tidy up in preparation!

    Tim: I'll show you! I've rounded up the villagers- Damn it! I meant city folk. Anyway, I've rounded them up and we're ready to invade Londinium and give your city its comeuppance!

  20. If you can find your way here…

  21. I have just spent too much time looking for your quote, IDV.

    I am snapless... where is is from?

  22. it. Gah. Why can't I spell?

  23. I'm guessing (based on my googling) that it's a quote from Mr. Scott in the Star Trek episode "Plato's Stepchildren."

    But your site is the first one that comes up as a reference!

  24. Does the City Garden Bible give any advice on how to rid the garden of interlopers, i.e. the blackbird variety? Is there a section on crucifixes for climbing vines?

  25. Tim: * gets out sextant and compass *

    T-Bird: You can't spell? What kind of Coven member are you??
    Quick! Read this book of spells.

    * hands over extremely old and dusty volume *

    No, wait. That's the instruction book for Demon Box...

    Dinah: ** S N A P S ! **

    Yay! You win!

    Actually, I had no idea which episode it was from. All I know is that Scotty says it in the montage of Trek clips at the beginning of pretty much every DS9 video.
    I love those clips. Especially the bit where Troi spins her head around with a face like thunder. i really feel sorry for whoever is on the receiving end of it!

    Eros: I hope so. Shit. I really must read it!

  26. I think the chapter on cruxifixes tells you all about how to get pesky stigmata stains off the paysho furniture.

    I'll save you the read: consecrated lemon juice.

  27. Ha ha ha ha ha *laughs like Clint Howard as little Balok* You still have all those old VHS videos?!


  28. T-Bird: Bwah hah hah hah ha- Ow!

    That consecrated lemon juice doesn't half sting!

    * Clubs Tim over the head with, well, a club, and drags him back to cave *

  29. That's about the only way I'd go clubbing with you.


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