Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Accidental Cake

I was bored this afternoon. I'd been swimming, pottered around in the garden, been to Sainsbury's and scowled at Beaky this morning, which left very little for me to do this afternoon. I read some more of Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves, then got up to stretch my legs and see what else needed doing.

I must have blacked out for a little while, because when I came round, I'd accidentally made this:

One of the SubC's must have taken over for a while. No matter, I've already started to devour it!


  1. That looks quite heavy though, but I'll take a piece please.

    Gorgeous finishing touches too.

  2. Heavy?! Why you cheeky monkey, CyberPetra! I'll have you know that it's as light as a feather...

    Well, OK, not that light. It's just a Victoria sponge.

  3. Well it looks fabulous and I'm sure it's not drywall like what's her faces gingerbread house

  4. Is it burnt? I hate burnt cake.

  5. More twee crockery, I see.

  6. Anonymous17/7/08 00:32

    Never mind the cake. Look at the fucking plate!

    The shame.

  7. Is that jam and cream in the middle. Yum! Just looking at that is making me feel all better and hungry.

  8. Wow, that's awesome that a delicious cake waits for you when you wake up from blackouts.

    Me? A few times I've passed out, I wake up and find myself in strange places, then I do a kidney check to make sure they're both still there...never woke up to cake, though.

  9. Anonymous17/7/08 03:31

    holy yum! That looks good enough to eat!

    I was recently considering trying my hand at a good old fashioned southern lemon layer cake. You may have just tipped the scales to the 'why not' side.

    P.S. May I add you to my blogroll?

  10. *peeks in bedroom to make sure IVD is fast asleep*

    *lifts frock above head*

    *removes knickers*

    *sits on cake*

  11. I was going to say I wanted a piece too, but since MJ's been there...I think I'll come early for the next one.

  12. MJ... EWWWWWW! Just... ewww!

  13. Don't break the plate MJ.

    It's so very gay.

  14. It's a Victoria Sponge - named after Queen Victoria - it was her favourite.

    Still loved by Queens in the 21st Century!

  15. Anonymous17/7/08 12:21

    Oh, that looks lovely!

    I had a similar experience once. Except for some reason, I wasn't content just to black out, but obviously decided in my comatose state to black up, too. And made this little gem

    Or maybe not.

  16. CyberPetra: Thank you.

    If she ever offers you tea and cake, politely decline. Your innards will thank you for it.

    Tim: Surprisingly, no. Apocalypse Oven was behaving itself yesterday.

    MJ: But, of course. One should only eat cake from the finest of china.

    P&T: Shame on you, you heathens. That plate it not jusy any old plate, it transforms into a two tier cake stand!
    I just couldn't be bothered to fit it together for one cake.

    T-Bird: It certainly is jam and cream. And the jam came all the way from Texas!

    * winks at a certain someone *

    I'm glad it made you feel better.

    Eros: I couldn't've done it without you!

    Perhaps you should put homing devices on your internal organs, just in case...

    'Shot: And there's just enough to eat, thank you.

    I think you should make the cake - Lemon cake is delicious!

    And, blogroll away - That's very nice of you to ask.

    MJ: * throws rest of cake away *

    Dinah: I'll give you a heads up next time.

    T-Bird: We'll have the last laugh - That isn't icing suger on top, it's crabs eggs!

    CyberPetra: It is, isn't it! Much more so after it's been transformed into the tiered cake stand.

    Frobi: And hopefully, beyond!

    Qenny: Thank you.

    Bwah hah hah! What a great clip. Don't get any of that face paint on your clothes or furniture, though.
    Ahhh... Simpler, if somewhat thoughtless, times.

  17. Wow, that's a nice, productive black-out! That cake looks delicious.

  18. Thank you, Tara. I only wish I'd do the cleaning etc when I'm passed out, too!


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