Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Norwich: Not a village. An actual city. Really!

I'll show you Tim. I'll show you all! Well, really, I'll just be showing you, Tim, as you're the only one denying Norwich's city-status. Prepare to be thwarted!

I got on my bike (couldn't go out on Broom as it was day time) and took this picture from Mousehold Heath (near the NightShip stop). In it one can see the two - that's TWO - cathedrals. In the centre is the Norman Norwich Cathedral itself - famously visited by Tazzy, Piggy and I here. On the far right is the Roman Catholic cathedral. Just to the left and behind the Norman Cathedral, is City Hall with it's clock tower and columned main entrance. And further left is the tower of the church of St. Peter Mancroft with the Forum (library and home of BBC East) behind it.

In this picture, one can see St. Peter Mancroft church on the right. The low red brick building with white bits between the windows is Barclays Bank. Next to that is what used to be the Royal Hotel (with all those turrets). And behind the hotel, is Norwich Castle.
Actually, I've just noticed that immediately to the left of the castle, is the mini gherkin that sits atop the Chapelfield shopping centre).

Here are some points of note:

During the 11th century, the city of Norwich was second only in size to London, and one of the most important places in the country.

In the mid 14th century, Norwich's city walls enclosed a larger area than those of the city of London.

Until the industrial revolution, as the capital of England's most populous and prosperous county, Norwich vied with Bristol as England's second city.

International popstrumpet, Cathy Dennis is from Norwich.

Comedy duo, The Nimmo Twins started off in Norwich. In fact, the Host's mum used to teach Owen Evans at Cromer Infant School!

And, horror of horrors - something I've just discovered - Tim 'Too Old To Be Down With The Homies' Westwood, BBC Radio One DJ and all round irritating twat, grew up in and around Norwich. Oh, the shame.

Here is the Wikilink if you've got 10 minutes or so to spare, and are that interested enough to care: Norwich

Perceptions: "Norwich is sometimes portrayed in the UK media as a place which is remote, unsophisticated, gauche, and out-of-step with national trends (see Alan Partridge). This is perhaps primarily due to its geographical isolation, and an identification of Norwich as the epitome of Norfolk, a largely rural county." - Taken from Wikipedia. And which, to be fair, are kind of true. Still, Norwich *is* a city. A fine one at that (even though someone had made off with the "Welcome to Norwich - A Fine City" sign that I was going to photograph for this post. Bah.)

See, Tim? SEE?


  1. Isn't Mousehold Heath the primary dogging location in Norwich?

  2. Yes.

    Not that I know from experience, of course, MJ. I don't even have a dog!

  3. But you were up there!

    And if it's a city, why does it only have one gay bar?

  4. Why don't you scribble "Welcome to Norwich - A Fine City" on a piece of cardboard, hang it around your neck, and parade up and down the docks so the sailors may see it as they approach land?

  5. Anonymous15/7/08 13:13

    I really like Norwich, although I think the places it has "twinned" with are a bit dubious. Not to mention the fact that it is "twinned" with more than one other place. NFN? :)

  6. That's a very green (and clean looking) city!

    I thought there was a chocolate factory in town! And where are all the people? And the fish and chips places?

  7. So the hotel is no longer there?

    Is it just empty then? That's the beginning of the end for a city.

    Looks nice although I much prefer something a little less green with a few more designer shops.

  8. It is very green, and stealing the city sign sounds like a town prank to me. But I totally believe you. There are city walls, after all. I'm so happy you have a digital camera.

  9. MJ: Yes, I was up there. But only to take pictures for you lot!
    Norwich used to have 2 or 3 gay bars, but one got turned into flats and the other one was taken over by a load of dirty breeders.

    As for your cardboard sign idea - It'll look really crap when whoever stole the proper sign turns up at the docks with it around their neck...

    Qenny: At the moment, Norwich seems to be one of quintuplets, with some place in Nicaragua being the seedy one.

    Eros: Norwich is one of the greenest cities in the UK, luckily for us.
    Unfortunately, the original chocolate factory was demolished to make way for the Chapelfield Mall. I believe Caley's still produce chocolate in the city, but I'm not sure where?
    The people have eaten all the fish and chips and are sleeping it off in the shade of the trees!

    :CyberPetra: Oh, the building isn't empty - I just don't know what it is now. Well, not all of it, anyway. The lower levels are a club and I think the rest is office space?

    Dinah: I really must learn to use all the functions my camera has. I was going to take a panoramic view of the city, but didn't know how to, so I took four seperate photos. However, I don't know how to join them together in the Demon Box! I'm rubbish!

  10. Two cathedrals? Greedy bitch.

    It still doesn't look like a city though.

  11. And why didn't you share the origins of Norwich's name, for which you and your sailors are most famous.


    Your so-called city is as filthy as you!

  12. I think it's pretty! I'd prefer Norwich over a lot of the other places I have seen over there...

  13. Is that really how it got its name? Awesome! (even though it probably isn't real).

  14. Tim: Norwich might not look like a city, but that's because of careful planning and development to keep its historic skyline. And stuff...

    And in response to your second comment: I love it when you're masterful! (I'm ignoring the first and last sentence)

    T-Bird: Norwich is a very pretty city. I think I might take more photos and post them at some point.

    Dinah: I think Tim's indelicate (but swoon inducing) name origin came about during World War II? Something the soldiers/pilots/navy used to say to their respective wives/girlfriends/crumpet.

  15. Don't you let that swoon seep out all over us... Oh, too late.


    And I don't even know what I am swooning at.

  16. Oh, I like a good swoon now and again, T-Bird. It's even better when others join in!

    We're swooning at Tim's manly, commanding orders. I've done the cleaning and the washing, dinner will be ready when he gets home, but first he'll take us roughly up the stairs...

  17. Isn't every place with a cathederal a city?

    Looks nice tho'

    Where abouts is the "ghetto" that Tim Westwood lived in?

    I heard he was a Vicar's son

  18. Anonymous16/7/08 15:59

    We remember (one of) the cathedral(s) well.

    That's where you fancied that drag-queen with the nasty pencilled in eyebrows, wasn't it?

    Yes, that's the one.

  19. Anonymous16/7/08 16:09

    Oh and while we're here...

    Was this you?


    We know how thick you are when it comes to computers and mobile phones.

  20. Anonymous16/7/08 16:12

    Bollox, forgot to link it.

    Second try...

    Clickety click here

  21. Anonymous16/7/08 16:16


    THIRD try...

    Click here

    If that doesn't work, I give up. Just copy and past from the first one.

  22. *sniggers at Piggy*

    *and copies and PASTS*

  23. I thought it was called Norwich because it was northern and wich because IDV has been living there since the dawn of time. The witch.

    I do suppose your suggestion would work too Tim

  24. Frobi, darling: That's my understanding of city status.

    As for the "ghetto", it was probably Newmarket Road where the houses* are only worth a trifling half a million. Westwood certainly was a poor hard-done-by thing, wasn't he?

    * read: 'mansions'

    P&T: Hah hah hah hah ha! Even I can manage a working link.

    So, for that matter, can MJ!

    I bet you feel a bit of a twat now, don't you?

    CyberPetra: Har har.

    Tim wouldn't have to suggest it, just the merest of hints, and I'd be ready for him!

  25. *recoils in horror*

  26. Anonymous17/7/08 00:34

    No, I don't. It's fucking Bloggers fault.

    If you look at the link, my part of it is correct. But Blogger is adding incorrect code to it.

    So there.

  27. More pictures!

    P.S. If desperate for panorama, overlap pics in a paintbox file. Tedious but easy.

  28. Spike: Obviously.

    I'll do my best, just for you!


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