Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Recoil in horror, puny mortals!

Unless you're wearing your Fabulous Shades™, avert your eyes now:

"Orange doesn't look good on anyone", hey?


  1. Oh gosh! You are almost as pale as I am!

    I have to say though, that's not orange. It looks more red to me. And technically they are silver dots but it's pattern more than just dots.

    I was imagining some orange top with a couple of big silver dots on it.

    Not as atrocious as I thought it would be *winks*

  2. Normally, I'm a ghostly shade of pale, CyberPetra, but since we've had one or two sunny days this year, the other side of my arms have very lightly tanned and I have some lovely freckles (slightly evident in the first photo).

    The T really is orange - It looks a little darker on screen. I'm glad it's not too atrocious!

  3. You are lucky that it doesn't come across orange though.

    It can't be a screaming orange. Now I had one of those (a Champion top actually) when I was around 11. I had it in neon green and yellow too.

    Neon was a big deal back then - you remember I'm sure.

  4. Freckles?

    Or track marks?

  5. *throws bucket of water on t-shirt and hopes for nipplage exposure*

    *forgot that throwing water on IVD will make him melt*

  6. CyberPetra: Oog. I do remember neon, yes. Now I've got to try and forget it again!

    MJ: I'm melting. Melting! Oh, what a world...

    But just before I go, they're definitely dainty little freckles, and nothing more!

  7. God, you really have got alabaster skin.

    Does it glow in the dark (the t-shirt that is, not your skin)?

  8. I don't know about the T-shirt, but my skin certainly does.

    It's quite irritating when glow worms try and mate with me.

  9. OK, it's not *as* bad as I feared it might be. But…

    Voms *everywhere*

    You paid money for that!? If you ever win the FGES back you'd have a whole new outfit!

  10. I like it! Orange does work for people, but it depends on the shade. That shade, almost a pumpkin, is really eye-catching. Traffic cone orange or hunter orange, however, do not.

    The silver dots help too. Nice T-shirt.

  11. Tim: Not covered in your vomit, I wouldn't.

    Tara: Thank you. At least you appreciate good taste - You obviously have it yourself.

  12. You look like something off Star Trek.

    Captain Kirk era Star Trek.

  13. MJ: "Hostile gaping maw off the port bow, Captain"

    "Set phasers to deep fat fry and fire!"

    * zzzzzzzzap *

    "Good shooting! That rancid old space dog won't cause us any more trouble."

  14. Anonymous23/7/08 23:18

    *reaches for whistle and lollipop*

    Seriously, I like it. I would totally wear it. Pale is perfect, it keeps us young if not blinding.

    I am transparent and my nephew once played join the dots with my freckles. *sighs*

  15. Anonymous24/7/08 00:26

    I really did think that I was the closest thing to albino without actually being albino, but I bow humbly to your candent, chalk, marmoreal pallor.

  16. I like it! It's a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

  17. Orange is a good color and a very good fruit. The new shirt looks fantastic. The silver dots look like stars from reflecting the glow of your skin!

    Aquaman would've been much more popular had he chosen a similar design for his orange outfit.

  18. Rawr is all I have to say! Super number one cute shirt. I approve.

  19. I like it. I approve. You may wear this top to the gay wedding.

    I don't ofter say this IDV, but you look very sexy in the top.

    Or that could be a sparkle in my eye.......

  20. It takes a lot of effort to forget the neon doesn't it?


  21. W*P*D: I hope it wasn't with a permanent marker?

    'Shot: Candent? Marmoreal? Did somebody swallow a dictionary?

    Dinah: It's a lot better on than I thought it was going to be, too. I might actually wear it in public!

    Eros: Perhaps this can be part of my superhero outfit?

    T-Bird: * basks in Rawr-ness *

    Thank you muchly!

    Dora: Hooray! I hate wearing posh clothes at weddings - too stuffy!

    * basks even more *

    * falls over and lands in Dora's eye *

    Now you've got a spacker in your eye. Sorry.

    CyberPetra: Arrrgh! I'm remembering it again, now!


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