Friday, July 04, 2008


Witchface has buggered off somewhere, leaving me to mope about on my own.

Hey! I'm still here!

Oh, shit off.

* sulk *

Anyway, I've been too hot and 'meh' to do much. Well, apart from perv over the topless labourer across the road. He's building a wall for the man who lives opposite and spent all afternoon bulging and rippling outside my living room window, so what was I supposed to do?
I accidentally looked at his face once - Somewhat unfortunately, it's of the type you wouldn't feed to your dog. Or anyone else's, for that matter.

Ummm... Oh. I'm sorry for not replying to every one's comments in the last post. And take that as an advance apology for this one too, if you do care to comment.

I hope to be back to full steam soon when Witchface gets back because the next post is the big four oh. Oh. Yes, I'll have finally got to 400!

Right. I've got wine to glug and truffles to guzzle, so see you when I've recovered.


  1. Who feeds faces to their dog!?

  2. Oh, it's a classic 'butthisface' situation.

    I hope those truffles and the wine did the trick... *hugs*. Your mood must be reverberating all the way to here. I am it a bit of a funk myself.

  3. wine for everyone!

    yay 399th post!

  4. 'Over the road'?

    Do you mean the strange one that never opens the curtins in case outsiders see the bodies?

    What kind of wall?

    Are you sure the wall isn't just a cover for the real work - a cellar?

    Send Beaky over to do a bit of arial spying. He'd enjoy that.

  5. Did I say 'curtins'?


    You know I meant 'curtains'. I was slightly distracted by the memory of how dirty they were.

  6. That's so unfortunate.

    I've been seeing a few of those around town with their tops off and everything. Then you look up and whimper before running away.

  7. Hellllloooo! That's why they invented brown paper bags! There's less risk of suffocation and it's one way to reuse them to save the environment! Why, you can even draw or cut and paste on a better face on the bag if you feel like it!

    Which military post are you visiting that only has 400 members? How patriotic of you to offer your services!

  8. You've been blogging longer than I have and you're only on 400?


  9. Tim: I thought you said faeces. Heh heh!

    T-Bird: They certainly did. And I also watched that film with toddler Tim in: Children of the Damned. Although very disturbing, I'm glad the little bleeders got blown to smithereens at the end. I do so love a happy ending!

    Dinah: Let's not go overboard. We don't want to run out!

    P&T: Yes, that one. I never thought that it might be a cover for nefarious goings on.

    I must ask him if he'd consider renting his new cellar out now and again...

    CyberPetra: I know exactly what you mean. It's so disappointing.

    Eros: Ooh, I like the idea of drawing on a better face. I'd better get a bag ready for when he comes back.

    Although, it looks like it's finished so he might not be back. Unless the owner has locked him in the secret cellar which P&T quite rightly suggested?

    Ah, but MJ, I go for quality not quantity.

    Now, get back to your chaise and rum cocktails!

  10. Oh, T-Bird, it was Village of the Damned, not Children of the Damned.


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