Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Dragon Fruit

I bought this:

Under the impression that I'd end up with this:

Instead, I got this:

Does anyone know where the nearest Trading Standards office is?


  1. Also known as "belle of the night".

    Isn't that what they call you when you wear your heels and false eyelashes down to the dock?

  2. Hee.

    Maybe they only turn into Dragons at night.

  3. I wouldn't want a dragon on my patio. It would frighten me when I wanted to sit out in the garden and would be a fire hazard.

  4. Maybe they are just supposed to be a part of the dragon's anatomy?

  5. MJ: No!

    I have to wear a chiffon scarf, too.

    Dinah: That would explain the massive lumps of poo on the lawn of a morning. I just thought it came from a particularly large pigeon.

    Betty: Well, yes. But it would be handy for seeing off cats and neighbours children. And the neighbours, actually. House and all!

    T-Bird: Eww! You mean I've been eating dragon gonads?

    I wouldn't recommend them - They taste like soil.

  6. Heh, one would have thought you'd like them.

    They are quite phallic

  7. Disgusting! Even your plants are pervy.

  8. CyberPetra: But they're so spiny!

    Tim: I didn't know they'd be quite so, phallic as CyberPetra puts it, when I planted the seeds - It's not my fault!

  9. You ask for dragons and you get some seemingly innocent-looking (aside from the phallic observation) cactus plants? Hmm...sounds scary.

  10. I'd grow them. You know, I know it. We all know it.

    My password is abwee. Hm.

  11. So your plot to train a dragon to take out Beaky has failed.

    Well, it's not a total loss. Just chill the flesh and use it some tropical fruit cocktails.

  12. Yes but them there dragon fruit do have that marvellously synthetic feeling outer skin. Even if the insides are like jizz with gravel in it. Or frogsporn.

  13. Tara: I bet whoever got the actual dragon gonads is a lot more scared!

    T-Bird: I do know it.

    Abwee? Abs that wee, or abs covered in wee? Either way, they sound disgusting.

    Eros: I am destined never to be rid of that dastardly bird.

    Qenny: What splendidly accurate descriptions!


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