Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The request show

Seeing as how my inspiration has dried up, why don't you tell me what you'd like to read here. Or even see, if I can manage a picture of some description.

The results shall form my Christmas post as I've promised the gods that I wouldn't be out on Broom this year. Not after last year's debacle!

Don't make me regret this.



  1. Last time you did photographs we had to wait while you developed them.

    Why don't you do a Christmas story like you did the Halloween one?

    Or just send me lots and lots of money.

  2. How about casting some spells??

    Yes,a nice wedding spell for Piggy and Tazzy?

    Oh and a spell that makes us all attend??

    Oh the tears.

  3. All of the above.

    A Christmas story with all of us in it.

    And spells cast on each one of us.

    SID is just dying to wear his bridesmaid dress. He looks very Miss Haversham in it.

  4. I'm all for sending me lots of money

    but most of all, what I would most like from you in the whole wide world??

    To make a special appearance in something like that fabulous fairy godmother story you did for All Hallows Eve - that was a hoot!

  5. Ooh, I like the Christmas story idea. Or spells. So basically everything already said. Apparently my inspiration has dried up already, too.

  6. Oh gawd no.... not the 'lets get Piggy and Tazzy married' shite again!

    SID, you can wear a dress any time you like. We wont tell.

  7. What are you not married?

    and in case you aren't


    You are so cute together guys, come on. Give us a chance to come throw rice in your faces

  8. Or bricks at least?

    MJ would beat us all at catching the bouquet,with her teeth.

    WV Palfap!

  9. Ok, my request is another story of awesomeness. Maybe something like IDV crashing Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge.

    And of course certain people would be making a cameo appearance!

    And thus ends my debut back to the blogging world. I will resort to the usual comments about trying to see IDV naked shortly.

  10. Tim: Me sending you lots and lots of money = You in your Big Bang pants.

    SID: Tears?

    Of joy, that no one else will be afflicted by P&T?

    Of sadness, poor Tazzy?

    In Piggy's wedding dress as he tries to squeeze into it?

    MJ: This bridesmaids dress of SID's - Was it a parachute in a previous life?

    CyberPoo: Quite the little starlet, aren't you!

    Dinah: I think it's drought season - All inspiration has been used in purchasing Christmas presents (Bah! Humbug!).

    PnT: Ah, you won't tell? See the evil, take pics of the evil and show everyone else the evil with not a word leaving your lips?


    CyberPoo: Cans of rice pudding?

    SID: Palfap = Dithering around in a friend's nether regions?

    T-Bird: I'm sitting here starkers as I type!

    Not really. You can all put your buckets away.

  11. You couldn't possibly have enough money.

  12. Personally I miss the green pants. I want to see more of those. I know you don't have them any more, you'll have to improvise - a tutu?

  13. All of the above and Norfolk walkies.

  14. Tim: I've got £2.74. That should be enough for two showings, shouldn't it? Possibly even a Saturday afternoon matinee, too?

    WillowC: A tutu? Desmond?

    Spike: Well, it looks like I'll be haring through the Norfolk countryside dressed in a tutu, throwing money at Tim (possibly to no avail) and avoiding suddenly appearing Bloggers. And all that with a discharging wand, too!

    I can see that my Christmas will be quite... unusual.

  15. I'm not surprised your wand has a discharge considering where you've been waving it.

  16. I'm insulted by your pathetic offer.

  17. Looking forward to what you've got planned...your tales are always fun!

    P.S. You might want to wear a coat over your tutu, I hear it gets cold in those parts this time of year...Oh, don't forget to lay out your goodies for Santa to sample when he climbs into your chimney...

  18. MJ: Just what are you insinuating about Tim?

    Tim: £2.98 then?

    Eros: If you think I'm letting that ho Santa sample my goodies, you've got another thing coming!

    * is secretly impressed at BingoWings mastery of the innuendo/euphemism *


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