Saturday, December 08, 2007

Second best

Tim has disappointed me yet again, so I've had to make do with this:

Plus, I think he's in league with MJ because of the North/South divide comment...


  1. Take That, that video, that abomination of a song, and literally everything about it, are crimes against humanity.

  2. How can a man who wears Ginch Gonch Big Bang briefs disappoint?

  3. Tim: - !?! -

    I'll admit their 'comeback'stuff is rubbish, except for 'Rule The World', but my statement still stands.

    MJ: Because he didn't wear them just for me, the spoilsport.

  4. I don't know how I've lived my life to this moment without having seen this video. That. Is. Awesome. All the They all look happier getting dirty with each other than with the weird video girls. Who is the blond guy? Was he like, the "star" of the group?

  5. Dinah, I think you've hit the nail on the head there. The girls shouldn't've been invited.

    And, yes. The blond guy, Gary, was supposed to have been the 'star'. He was the lead singer, but was such a boring doofus, that all the other got way more attention.

  6. The freakishly white hair and black eyebrows of Gary really freaks me out.

    This video is definately a gem though. Rob's so cute. I like the end.

    Take That were good back in the day, they now turned into the ugliest manband since well the boyband Ozone.

  7. To be honest, though, I'd show anyone. Just not you.

  8. I bought the cassette single of this song, many years ago, because I was attracted to its musical qualities for much the same reason you were, IDV.

    I then realised it was shite without the visuals and sold it on the Take That black market at school, making 100% profit. A whole pound I had for that week's tuck shop, entrepreneurial wizard that I am.

  9. CyberPoo: Weren't Ozone the one's that Making The Band was all about? If so, the only good looking one was Ikaika, and he left before the show had finished. Bah!

    Tim: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

    I give up.

    (but not really)

    WillowC: Ah, yes. Take That = 2 packets of Rolos and a bag of salt & vinegar crisps!

  10. It really does worry me that you know the name of him. Yes it was that making the band thing with that repulsive Lou Pearlman.

    I can add to your knowledge (which is rather humiliating) there was a guy named Angel too - and their ONE HIT which wasn't really a hit was "liquid dreams"


  11. Hey, this group sang one of my fav songs from back in the day, Back for Good...

    Ah, the memories of teenage angst!

  12. These reunited bands disturb me.

    It's like waking up from a coma.

  13. Making the Band also had a Jacob. Ashley Parker Angel had another show not that long ago, where he lived with his mom and his pregnant girl friend and tried to get a record studio to hire him. Ikaika was such a crier - didn't he end up quitting O-Town? I remember them making the talk show rounds talking about "liquid dreams" and being all, "oh, no it's not about THAT, it's about, um, a fantasy. A fantasy GIRL."

  14. Ashley Parker Angel has a pregnant girl friend?

    It must be that, a friend because COME ON! He may not be cute (as far as I remember) but he surely wasn't straight.

    Sounds like they really came out