Thursday, December 20, 2007

TV themes

As started by Connie, here are three of my favourite TV themes:

Knight Rider, Doctor Who and The Muppet Show.

I wanted to pick one of the older Doctor Who themes but they didn't sound quite like I remembered them. Still pretty chilling, though.

P.S. I loathe everything about the new Doctor Who except the theme. Oh, apart from that episode that first reintroduced the Daleks. Well, Dalek, actually, seeing as there was only one of them. Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor then - much better than David Tennant.


  1. You like Ecclescake? i thought his ears were too big and he gurned too much.

  2. Tim: IVD likes the big ears to hold on to.

  3. I would have thought you would have preferred a Pert wee?

    Your still watching it though.

  4. Tim: Ah, I didn't say I like him, just that he was a better Doctor than Tennant.

    MJ: I haven't held them yet. But judging by the size of them, someone has.

    SID: Hartnell - I can't remember on account of not being born.
    Troughton - I have vague recollections of being scared by.
    Pertwee - Don't remember much, but I think I did like him.
    Baker (I) - Slightly annoying.
    Davison - The most memorable Doctor.
    Baker (II) - The least said the better.
    McCoy - I actually liked his Doctor.
    McGann - Meh.

    And I'm not still watching it. I saw the first one or two, decided it was dreadful. Caught the first Dalek one (very good) and bits of the first Cybermen one (atrocious) then gave up. All I've seen since have been clips and things. All in all very disappointing.
    And I won't be watching the Christmas special either. Even though Kylie is in it.

  5. MJ, dare I even mention the doctor's sonic screwdriver?

  6. Tim: Well IVD does have a screw loose.

  7. Where is our Crimbo story?

  8. Patience! I'm working on it - It is for Christmas, after all. Which means I'll post it on Christmas day. Or Christmas eve if I get it done in time...

  9. Christmas day?! Good god, I've got far better things to do on Christmas day than sit in front of the computer! Hurry up!

  10. Knight Rider? Seriously? Oh IDV...

  11. THANK YOU!

    Eccleston was much better than Tennant will ever be

    I did quite fancy Eccleston too.. I guess it was the ears that did it for me

  12. You buggers are barmy. How could you not want to root Tennant's Dr?

  13. Well, without all that gurning and twat-like arrogance, Tennant's Dr would probably be OK.

    Bring back Patrick Troughton - The first zombie Doctor Who!