Sunday, 16 December 2007

Thank goodness for YouTube

This video was banned in Germany because it was believed that the girls were witches raising the dead.

They make it look so glamourous...

And then there's this:

Of course, watching these might help explain it:

The audio/video's all to pot with this next one, but you get the idea...


  1. I would ban these videos based on the Marie Osmond-like choreography alone. Never mind the scary eyebrows on that one lady...

    That second vid was hilarious...esp. the part where she started rapping and scatting at the end! All that jumping around, thank god she wasn't wearing lingerie...


  2. Why does Bingowings keep leaving his URL below his comment?

  3. MJ, it's something new I learned today! Thank you Piggy for inspiring me to experiment with html!

    I'm planning a post on what I've learned as a newbie on the net...

  4. They sounded like cats in an acid bath.

    I see you lent Piggy your alsation.

  5. SID - Cheeky cunt.

  6. It should read pint.

    Piggy's size.


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