Wednesday, December 05, 2007

8 Random Facts

“Eight Random Facts” meme, from lovely WillowC - She would have been 'delightful' rather than 'lovely' but the promised cookie has yet to turn up... Anyway, here are the rules:

(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.

(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I'm sure I've done one of these before. Although, come to think of it, it was "six weird things"? Perhaps I'll just re-post that and add two more things to it?

Oh no you don't, you lazy sod!

You're a fine one to talk...

Now, I didn't know whether to post facts that I've already disclosed over the course of this blog, or new ones?

New ones!

Yeah. Who wants a rehash of all that old stuff?

Ohh, OK OK...

1. The Host won a Blue Peter badge for some sausage-based shepherds pie recipe in which the mashed potato topping was piped on decoratively with an icing (that's frosting to the Yannucks) bag.

How gay is that? A massive sausage lurking beneath a poofy mash exterior?!

* gasp * 2. Well, I passed my driving test first time at the age of 17, whereas IDV wasn't allowed out solo on a broom until they were nearly 29!

That was uncalled for! You've asked for it: 3. The Host has been seen shopping in ASDA and Morrisons. Two of the pikey-est shops there are!

4. Witchface's SubC told me that they have recurring nightmares about Borg or Daleks invading the planet! They have night-sweats and everything!

What? Don't bring me into this!

Why, you indiscreet viper! 5. You didn't even know what a condom was until high school!
Well, you didn't know what one was until you got here, and you were 300 odd years old!
How was I supposed to? We didn't have them in my time! Times, rather.
Six! IDV was once chased around half of the British Isles by a monster created out of finger and toenail clippings- Don't you dare... Witchface never told anyone that the monster was created by him accidently when the wrong voodoo spell was cast whilst arguing with the SubC! Right. That's it! Seven! You used to call milk 'mook', apples 'cattons' and the penis a 'tayloo'!! Gahhh!! You complete git! Eight! You and Indescribable used to make a two year old Inexcuseable stand at the top of your stairs and shout swear words out whenever your parents had guests around!! SO DID YOU!!! Why, you-I ought to-Justyoutryan-Ican'tbelie-Whateve...

Thanks for this, WillowC. They'll be squabbling for the rest of the day now.
Yeah, and we're the ones who've got to put up with it!
Well, nothing helps misery like spreading it around, so we'd better tag some other bloggers, I suppose?
But we haven't got time to go around leaving messages, just at the moment.
Yes. We've got to get all of us to work, so we'll do it later. Unless you've already found out by reading this...


  1. OK. We tag: ... Spike

    Shit! Next week when I've found my brain.

  2. You piped the mash on!?

    And they gave you a Blue Peter badge for that!?


  3. I'm curious to see whether tagging Tickers is enough to get him blogging again - I do hope so!

  4. *sneezes*

    Will do.

    *Hopes IVD makes a Blue Peter Advent crown with plastic coathangers*

  5. Spike: Try looking down the back of the settee.

    Or on the fluff drawer of the washing machine. That's where most of the things I lose end up...

    Tim: I suspect Biddy Baxter had a bulk load to get rid of quickly.

    Qenny: Me too. I hope it does.

    * ducks to avoid SID's flying snot *

    I'm not falling for that one. I saw that Blue Peter show where the advent crown burst into flames!

  6. I fear since I have been massively slack I may not know 8 people who have not already been tagged.

    Interesting blog-annoyance test it is then. Maybe I should just pick really really inappropriate people...

  7. You have a Blue Peter badge....the's consuming me...GAH...

    Morrisons might be pikey but they do really good crusty rolls. And yes they are MEANT to be crusty.

  8. Crusty with chav jizz, probably.

  9. m'Lady: Ooh, do!

    WillowC: If it makes you feel better, it's only an ordinary plastic one, not the shiny metal one.

    Tim: Just eeeeeeww!!

    I know someone who'll be transferred to the Monkeys Of Doom department, if your potty mouth becomes any more potty!

  10. I came here and now I am leaving.. Chav Jizz INDEED, Tim -.-

    You have TAINTED the comments, TAINTED, and put me off my crusty rolls -.-

  11. We call it "icing" fyi.

    And thanks a lot for this as now we have to read SID's scintillating post on how "I love to eat my bananas on toast."

  12. SID sneezing to get sympathy lol poor old bugger.

  13. No sympathy needed Tats

    *sneezes over MJ*

  14. I need an explanation on what a Blue Peter bag is. Because between that and the sausage, it sounds very...penis-y.

  15. Willis: Thank you for popping by. I'm sorry Timothy spoiled your visit - I'll deal with him later!

    MJ: With roast house sparrow topping, by the sound of things.

    Tatas: Pathetic, isn't it?

    SID: I see you've got her covered.

    Dinah: To save any further penis-related confusion, I'll stick a link in forthwith!

    MJ: Yay! You're back!

  16. You'd exile me from the coven?!

    How come I've suddenly become the whipping boy?! One slightly cheeky comment and it's like Mary Whitehouse has returned to haunt me!

    *hopes Piggy and Tazzy turn up and say something rude*

    Oh, and Dinah - Careful; by 'link' he could mean 'penis.'

  17. Yay she has a guard. Have you got a toxic guard too MJ? You'd need one for every time you sit down.

  18. Excellent work on the pie and winning that badge! How progressive of the UK to reward people for making sausage look good and taste delicious!

  19. Thanks a lot for tagging me. I'll do my duty for queens and country at some point when thing settle down here but I'm afraid I don't know 8 people to tag

    These things always makes me feel so friendless *cries*

  20. Oh Pete you sorry assed bitch, I'll befriend you, but you have to behave.

    *wipes CP's tears*

    *gives him a slap to snap out of it*

  21. awww that's sweet of you Tatas

    you are a darling - can I tag you?

  22. Tim: Oh, I can't stay mad at you. I need you in the Coven where I can keep an eye on you. And your cheeks. Especially in those Big Bang briefs...

    Tatas: The amount of chairs MJ's dissolved is getting beyond a joke. now.

    Eros: What can I say? We're pro-sausage here!

    CyberPoo & Tatas: Get a room.

  23. I think your badge was well-earned. But we may have to revoke your gay card to admitting to being an ASDA shopper.

  24. No! Not my Gay Card, Snooze. I haven't been in one of those horrendous pits in years. It was a mistake! I was dragged in by someone else! It wasn't my idea!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I wish I was dead!

  25. Ohhh that was clever Spike....

    For some reason it won't bloody let me do a link thru. Curses. Anyway, in the manner of a 5 year old on the toilet....

    "I DONE IT!"