Monday, December 03, 2007

Greed is for life, not just Christmas

Inspired by Tim - the smug git - I've started my Christmas shopping.

In fact, I'm almost halfway through. And I just know these gifts will be very gratefully received:

Kylie X,

some Carry On films on DVD,

Girls Aloud*,

T-Shirts from Zara,

recipe books,

Transformers on DVD,

a digital camera...


... a Connor Trinneer clone...


'Tis the season for selfish, greedy consumerism, after all. And isn't there a little** Ferengi in all of us?

* Not actually them - Their new album, Tangled Up. After all, who wants this in their kitchen on Christmas Day?

** No pun intended.


  1. The difference here being that I BOUGHT PRESENTS FOR OTHER PEOPLE, NOT MYSELF!

  2. that's a v nice photo of Kylie ...

  3. Yay for greediness!

    What a ferenguy!!!

  4. Oh god, I am so not prepared for Christmas. Congrats for getting a good start on it.

  5. So, those would be presents for the straight male friends, then ...?

  6. I'm really gonna have to get moving on this task soon. I'd like to post that I have at least half of my shopping done.

  7. Tim: But at least I'm going to get what I want!

    Gleds: 's'OK I s'pose.

    SID: You pun is delicious. GIVE ME MORE!

    Snooze: Actually, despite Tim's shouting, I have done some selfless shopping for others, too.

    You should start yours now, before panic-buying sets in. It's very expensive.

    Qenny: Disturbingly, no.

    Tara: Post it, then. Who's going to know?!

  8. "But at least I'm going to get what I want!"

    That's what you think. Two words: Autumn. Reeser.

  9. Gah! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  10. A bugger at Christmas would be nice, though Spike.

  11. Ask Santa to slip one in yer stocking.

    Hur hur.