Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thwarting 'Me

I thwarted MirrorMe's nefarious schemes yesterday morning. I got up 15 minutes earlier and didn't look in a mirror once while I was getting ready.

When I got to work, I had one of the Host's devoted 'Hags check me over to make sure I was beautiful before going in to the lavs to look in the mirrors there.

Ha! MirrorMe was caught totally unawares and looked godawful. Bags under his eyes, hair in disarray, uncovered blemishes and a horribly skew-wif tie. When 'Me slinked off in shame, I saw my real reflection, somewhat translucent, but looking good. Hair was the nicest surprise. Even though I did it all by touch and mnemonic movement, it was in one of the best 'dos it'd ever been in at this length. I could've done with a shave, though, but there was no way I was doing that without a mirror.

All in all, a successful thwarting. I haven't seen 'Me in 24 hours! I might forego the mirror more often.


  1. if i had a breathalyzer right now, i'd probably be drunk. druuuuuuuuunk. i don't think i had that much, though...a lot, yeah, but bnot that much. ooh, whoops, that was my first spelling mistake. And i'm just doing this specially for you. im going to bed now. it's morning there, i reckon. but here it's still the middle of the night. sort of. i don't even know. bed.

  2. Foregoing the mirror? You are a brave, brave man IDV. Mind you, you're hot enough to get away with the natural look from the pic you posted.

  3. Hot? Did Snooze say 'hot'???

  4. Ha ha, Dinah, you're pissed!

    Well, perhaps not now, unless you drank a brewery? Welcome to my world.

    Snooze: * blushes * Thanks * blushes some more *

    P&T: Yes. And not in a "Would you excuse me, Mr Hutton. I think I'm a little bit on fire..." way. I'll probably regret this, but take a look at 27th November - the blurriness explains a lot!

  5. 27th November? Where?

    *looks here - finds it goes from 26th to 28th*

    *scratches head*

  6. Fuck it. I was having a Carly moment and looked at November 2005 by mistake.

    November 2006.... The blurrrrrrrrriness didn't do you justice, Sweetpea.

    And was that a bogie peering out of your nose?

    *saves pic for photoshopping later before it vanishes*

  7. 2005?

    * tuts *

    Bugger. I thought blurriness would hide a multitude of sins - not the bogey demon, it would appear...