Sunday, 4 February 2007


This is now the third - and hopefully the last - weekend in a row that I've been treated like a common-or-garden labourer by The Parents. Worse actually, because I'm not getting paid, unless you count a tenner and a couple of bird feeders complete with peanuts and sunflower seeds - I just know what'll happen if those get put up in the garden, bloody Beaky will think it's an invitation to make my life a misery again!

At least there was no concreting involved this time. I only had to assist The Father put up a potting shed (on last weeks concreted base) for The Mother. However, there was a lot of hammering involved, plus fetching, carrying, pointing, holding, steadying, ummm-ing, aaah-ing, nose-wiping (my own - it was very cold outside) and removing-spiders-from-where-glass-should-be. Oh, and some sweeping, folding and shivering (I did mention it was very cold, didn't I?) afterwards. I did try getting some pouting in, too, but I ended up squinting because the sun was blinding me what with being so low in the sky.

Anyway, I roared home as fast as Car could safely manage it, ran a hot bath and luxuriated in its Rosemary scented*, soothing water for an hour or so, incidently writing this post as I did so.

Car needs a soak, too, but it takes up too much room in the bath...

* The herb. Not the madam down the road. * shudder *


  1. ERm..... is that an Alpha Romeo?


  2. * mops drool off poor Car *

    Yep! Well, an Alfa Romeo, to be pernickety! I love it, so!

  3. Anonymous4/2/07 22:05

    I want to see the registration number!

    Fucking awful colour, though.

  4. Awful? It's Proteo Red, you philistines!

    And there's no way the reg is being disclosed to you two! I know what you're like.

  5. Nice tyres!

    (I don't know much about cars)

  6. I second the 'nice car' motion, and Skillz's 'nice tyres.'


  7. Ooooo...pretty car. It's real shiny and it doesn't actually look that evil or like a werecar. Howvere, from personal experience in these matters don't let your guard down because that is when werecars do their bidding.

    Did I mention it was shiny and not evil looking though?

  8. Skillz & Tim: I shall pass your compliments on to Car. It loves the attention.
    As for the tyres: Pirelli, I think?

    Dora: Unfortunately, Car is neither shiny, nor Not Evil at the moment. Although the Not Evil-ness has yet to be directed at me, so far...

  9. Heh - love the comment about Rosemary.

    IDV, what on earth did you do to upset the parentals so? Why are they treating you this way? Perhaps you can offer to decorate their potting shed next time. That might be a more appropriate task.

  10. I've already picked out some delightful floral curtains and scatter cushions for the antique chaise longue that I'm sure will fit in there!

  11. Alfffa Romeo= sexy car. mmmmmm.

  12. Proteo Red?

    Period Red!

    Show us the greenhouse.

    I have a stone.

  13. T-Bird: Car is the ideal partner in so many ways. I think I'm getting a little too attached...

    SID: You'll have gall stones in a minute if you even attempt to undo all my hard work!
    Don't slip on that jam rag on the way out!

  14. Anonymous5/2/07 22:33

    Id prefer to see him swallow it, than slip on it.

    Not for the first time, I might add.

    The dirty cunt.

  15. Not only are the tyres nice, the tires are good too!

    That line about Rosemary had me laughing so, so hard.

  16. P&T: As long as he clears up after himself, the - as you quite eloqueyntely put it - dirty cunt.

    T-Bird: Indeed!

    Dinah: It's true! Ooh, she's vile.


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