Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Surfing the crimson wave

I know I said I'd post because my social life had ended but it's unexpectedly resumed, but only for the next couple of days/nights. This means I still don't have time to impart my news. I can give you a taster, though: TGOC Parallel Universe paid me a visit. It seems a disaster has befallen her Earth, wiping out most of the population - Ha ha! Serves her right. Smug bitch.

Anyway, that's not why I'm posting now. It's because of something I heard on the televisual box (heard because I wasn't paying it much heed as I was reading). An advertisement for Bodyform jam rags*:

Apparently, one in five women are let down by their sanitary towel.

What wasn't mentioned was *how* they were let down.

Didn't they have tea on the table when you came home? Forgot to put the rubbish out? Didn't pick up the kids from school? Forgot your birthday?

Those pesky towels! They probably didn't absorb all the blob either.

I'll get right on with reporting the disaster on parallel Earth in a couple of days...

* I'm allowed to be derisory having leaked vital body fluid once a month before I left my old body and dropped into this one. All I can say is "Thank Christ it's over with now"!


  1. yey I'm first.

    That's better. I'm looking forward to the next posting.

  2. I'll try and make it coherant then.

    Oh and m'Lady - Sorry about getting a life. I promise that after tonight, it'll be over!

  3. your life will be over if you don't post something soon!

    Blogging's great. You can abuse people safe in the knowlege they don't know who you are or where you live.

  4. bodyform jam rags?!?!?!?!?!

    I nearly choked when reading that. I need a warning up at the top of the screen of your blogs saying "do not eat or drink while reading" because now I have to go and find a new keyboard :P

  5. Anonymous3/3/06 18:24

    I have to admit that that advert totally freaked me out for ages, how the heck do they work out a figure like that?
    Is there like an annual conference for leaky women? I shudder to think...

  6. Urgh... You can just imagine a hoard of dripping women slip-sliding all over the place as they try and collate their stats!


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