Monday, 27 February 2006


I know I haven't posted anything since Thursday (and that was nothing much) but I seem to have one of those life things again.

I do have some news to impart but it'll take too long to tell you all now as I have to get ready to go out. But fear not, this is the last night of socialising before my life becomes repleat with nights in clutching a bottle (or several) of wine and ignoring the phone.

Anyway, must go as I can smell my pizza burning.



  1. You''re going out on a schoolnight? How very dare you have such an adventurous social life?

  2. Don't worry-post when you're able :-) It is oK to have a non-cyber life too you know!

  3. Pizza?

    You bastard.

    Now where did I put my bowl of carrot sticks.....?

  4. Anonymous27/2/06 23:25

    DeVice! I need to talk to you about a goblin! And I've already told you about those life things, how dare you go off and leave us again! Shocking.

    Reallt though, hurry back dear ;-)

  5. Anonymous27/2/06 23:25


    (stupid keyboard)

  6. M'Lady, I was forced into it. Honest. I kicked and struggled but to no avail...

    Is the goblin causing your keyboard problems? They're buggers for that, you know. I'll see if I can find something to sort it out.

    * dashes off rummaging as he goes *

  7. I came here to abuse you for being a slacker. What do I find? A note saying "sorry I'm a slacker, I'll try to do better soon."

  8. Not yet, Merkin. Give me three more weeks...


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