Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Lies! It's all a filthy contemptible lie!

My profile lies.

I'm twentyeleven!

Grrrrr... 31, indeed.

I haven't quite worked out how it should look in numerical form. Obviously not 2011 - I'm not that old. Although, 2011 is closer to IDV's actual age...

20'11 maybe? But that looks like I'm describing my height. I may be a freak but not that much of one.

20-11? Hmmm... As long as no one does maths this should work.


  1. The only other way I can think of is 20:11, but I'm sure someone with a maths GCSE will point out the flaws in that.
    But lets face it, actually using the numerical form is for the lazy among us- and those who weren't mentally scarred for life after absolute years of being yelled at by my terrifying maths teacher.

  2. 20'11 sounds like a convience store or a terrorist outrage. Happy Birthday, etc. etc. - as a special present I have added you to my blogroll.

  3. But ... aren't you ageless? Why should your years on the planet be defined? That's only for HERE, too, not anywhere else. Bollocks to it, I say our minds cannot comprehend your true age and that it is, indeed, none of our business. We bow before the inexplicable device. Thank you.

  4. Post a pic. of yourself and let the readers (eg: Me) judge wether you look your age.

  5. Anonymous22/3/06 17:33

    Imogen I'm with you. Certainly don't need any more mental scarring.

    Frobi Thank you! And a picture of my good self will only be posted when I get found out. A couple of my friends have realised that this is me but they were drunk and I haven't reminded them. My anonymity is sure to come crashing down soon...

    Shifty Yes. Why didn't I think of that? And thanks for the bowing and scraping - you may now desist : )

  6. Anonymous22/3/06 19:44

    How about writing it in the Roman form?
    XXXI - which also happens to be correct.

  7. Happy XXXI!

    I note with a feelings of rage and dread that the comment verification thingy says 'smenita', which it said on my own blog all fucking seven times I fucking tried to post a fucking comment.

  8. Anonymous23/3/06 10:31

    Oh get clever-arsed Convict! I was just abut to say the same thing and he beat me to it.

    And yes, we agree with Frobi Face that we should see a pic. It's been really boring this week. I could do with a laugh.

    In return, I'll post a pic of Frobi up at our place (suitably photoshopped, of course) - remember that one you sent us Frobi? The one you thought we'd forgotten about?

  9. Convict I like it!

    Spike Thank you. "Smenita" sounds like some kind of vile discharge...

    P&T I haven't yet been found out, but when I am, you can rest assured that a pic of some sort will find its way here.

    Hey! I got "smenita" too. What in Christmas is going on with WV?

    Right! This is the 5th time shitting "smenita" isn't working...

  10. I gave up.

    I copied my responses then went to Blogger Dashboard thingy and removed WV.

    I vanquished it!

    Yay me!

  11. Cakesniffer and I both use spampoison - if you start to have trouble with comment spam. So far it seems to work well. She can give you more info as she's been using it longer. Go to and do the deed. Simple and easy.

  12. Hark at her!

    31 eh? I remember 31... just.

    20/11 is the other alternative of course and this can then be further transformed into things like XX/XI , which is the same as XXXI, funnily enough.

    Oh fuck it.

    Happy birthday.

  13. Ta! I'm just at yours, reading the last two posts. Will be commenting imminently...

  14. That's because she's RUDE!

    Never catch us uttering such profanities...

  15. I'm shocked, I thought she was so nice.

  16. Anonymous23/3/06 21:35

    P&T try getting up, sorry I meant out of bed, before the sun goes down in the evening then you might get here first.

    *Good, nearly said come but didn't*

  17. Anonymous23/3/06 21:51

    Happy Birthday! Oh, bloggers abit primitive like that, it doesn't understand that it's twenty-eleven - otherwise illustrated as '22'. Stupid thing, ignore it.

  18. Happy B-day.

    Am I missing why 20+11 wouldn't work?

    And did you turn WV off?

  19. Thank you.

    Because people would add them together?

    Yes. Because of shitting "smenita". It appears it's a blog wide problem. At least four others have had WV "smenita" issues. Grrr...

  20. Anonymous23/3/06 23:43

    20-11 is still a baby.

    I'm 18-15 and don't need Oil of Ulay yet....

  21. Yay! You said "Oil of Ulay". ULAY. The proper name.

    Olay makes it sound all foreign...

  22. 'smentia'= The male equivolent of pms.

  23. Happy Birthday sweetie pie!!

    Don't try to stay in your 20's. The 30's are better!!

  24. happy twenty-eleventh birthday!!!

  25. Whats the weather like that side of 30?

  26. Anonymous24/3/06 20:43

    Bloody heck - listen to Shifty! 'Tina and I use Spampoison'. She's only been using it for 24 hours!

    Talk about lording it over everyone!

    Bloody latecomers, always acting as if it's always been the way.


  27. 'spampoisen'? Must try that on the poodles.


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