Friday, 17 March 2006

6ix weird things

I've been tagged by the delightful Brianne and now have to admit to six weird things about myself or habits that I have.

Why she tagged me I don't know.

I'm not weird, am I?

Anyway, here goes:

1. My thumb knuckles bend backwards. I don't know why. They just do. Come to think of it, my fingers go back quite a long way, too. They're useful for when I'm on my hands and knees...

That's 10 things already isn't it? No? Spoilsports!

2. Despite my innate laziness, I've managed to keep this Blog going for six months. Now that is weird.

3. I'm no longer dependent on chocolate.

Did someone just gasp all the air out of the room?

4. Sometimes, when I walk past people, I don't always lift one of my feet right off the ground, consequeyntely (hee hee) making a scraping sound. This is done entirely subconsciously. Bloody subconscious! I don't know what it's playing at sometimes. Shitting thing.

5. I still put up with that damn bird. I think I must be softening in my old age. He was trying to peck the eyes out of next door's Jack Russell when I got home yesterday. Evil little sod. Beaky, not the dog.

6. I used to collect days but gave up when I found the Timeline unravelling in my linen basket and found Yesterday rolled up at the bottom of the wardrobe. I asked The Ghost Of Christmas Future for help finding Tomorrow but he could only come up with Sunday.
I didn't like to tell him I already had two Sundays, so I ended up swapping the one he found plus one of my original two for a Last Thursday. It wasn't very good - it smelled faintly of haddock.

There. That's about as weird as I get. I must admit, it was a bit of a struggle trying to come up with six things - I'm such a paragon of normalcy.

Now, I understand I'm supposed to tag some others to confess their weirdness, however, Brianne's already tagged four of the people I would've tagged and I'm sure Kyahgirl's already done this.

I'll just have to get a bigger blogroll...


  1. This doesn't make any sense to me. Must be because I'm three sheets in the wind on account of it's Friday night. I'm going to London tomorrow with Little Miss, so I'll read it sober when I get back.

  2. I adore #6. May I have it, just for me? It's almost like a Storypeople story - which you can check out at

  3. ok....the knuckle thing is kinda freaky..... :P

  4. Tickersoid: Still windy?

    ShiftClick: Of course you may. Consider it yours. Thank you for the Storypeople thing - I plan to go there next.

    Brianne Freaky, but true. You only have yourself to blame : )

    Frobisher HELLO! Thanks for coming. I have been to yours a few times but don't think I've commented - The Courgette Surprises were... Surprising!

  5. No.

    I think Shifty can have #6.

    Time, unravelling and laundry baskets, not my forte really.

  6. Oh that's right Tickersoid, I forgot the floor is your laundry basket!

  7. not weird at all IdV. interesting, very interesting!


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