Saturday, 25 March 2006

I'm busy

Now, normally, I would've posted something today but I've been at work and am now about to be descended on by hoards of ravenous witches, fairies and warlocks.

Well, I say ravenous hoards but in actual fact there're only four of them and they'll only be mildly peckish.

I hope. Because I haven't got that much to feed them with. The supply of children around here seems to have dwindled somewhat...

* bloik *

S'cuse me. Seem to have a bit of wind. No. Not poo-air, the other kind!

Anyway, be off with you - I'm busy. I'll try and post something tomorrow.


  1. I mean like, not that we'd want to push you or anything, but it's been friggin ages since you posted something.

    We're all busy!

  2. I've finished now. But I'm tired. Will post tomorrow.

    At some point.


  3. Well, rest up and revive yourself. We await another entertaining installment...

  4. I'm reviving myself by looking through yours - can't believe I've missed two posts.

    Am such a lazy git!

  5. That's not all you've missed, but I'll let Tina fill you in on that...

  6. What else has he missed? Have I missed something?

  7. It'll be Easter holidays soon, there'll be plenty of children running round. More than enough to feed the ravenous hoardes I should imagine.

  8. Anonymous26/3/06 18:36

    Yeahyeah put us off with all this having a life business. I don't believe it. I know for a fact you have been secretly getting your bi-centeneal full body electrolysis. Apollo told me. He's quite handy with his rod isn't he?

  9. What have we all missed?

  10. M'Lady, I thought I'd threatened Apollo enough that he wouldn't tell. The total git!

    Yes, what have we missed? Hmmm?

  11. you guys and gals don't eat children do you? Sounds a bit grim!

    hurry back :-)

  12. Not all of them. We leave the bones, gristle and hair. And only the warlocks eat the skin and fat - they're living in the dark ages, still. Everyone knows skin and fat are the most unhealthy parts...


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