Monday, 30 September 2019

September Has Spiralled Away

I know!  I'm just as shocked as you are,
Time is certainly flying by...

 I popped down to the beach for a swim on the 22nd, but the sea was too choppy, so I mooched about on the shoreline, picking up pretty stones and the like, instead.  As the sundials I'd previously created* had been washed away (or swiped aside by seagulls/children/Chronosfear/League Against Time-telling Equipment et al), I thought about making more, but stopped in my tracks when I realised that in sorting the stones, I'd created a rather pleasing spiral.
 So I carried on until the groyne post was packed with stones!

The spiral was still there on the 26th, with very little disturbance.

However, two days later on the 28th, the waves had clearly reached high enough to cause some distress!

So, I tidied up the stones that were left into a slightly different pattern...

... then added a few more for good measure.

I even did one on the opposite post where I'd left some other interesting stones.

And another two days later, i.e. today, they'd gone - washed away by the high tide - so I created a new one...

... plus another for luck!

Here they both are in situ

Hang on...  Is someone overseeing my work?

Oh.  It's you.


Here are some things that are not stone spirals: a fossilised something or other (from 12th Sept)

Various inikshuk... (from 22nd Sept) my beach garden/secluded spot (from 28th Sept)

Horrid tasting, but good for you (of course), Sea Sandwort (Honckenya peploides)
(from 12th Sept)

And finally, the beach (from 28th Sept). And, yes, I did have a swim.

* I realised after I'd arranged all these photos here that I haven't actually posted photos of the sundial I was referring to, so here they are:

 From top left to bottom right: the sundial as seen on 18th, 24th, 29th, and 31st August.  As you can see, between the 29th and 30th, someone had made off with 10 o'clock!  The whole thing had gone by the 22nd September.  Possibly earlier, between 31st August and 12th September, as I didn't go down to that part of the beach then.


  1. I always love your distressed groyne, dear - spiralised or otherwise! Being watched by an old shag must have made it all a bit discomfiting, methinks. Jx

    1. Well, yes, I did feel somewhat uncomfortable fiddling with my groyne while there was a shag at the end...

  2. Next summer you shall come to the woods with me, so we can build little rock sculptures like Iposted. I've added two more small ones when I was up last. We can add in some little fairy furniture. I love the spirals! And that one thing reminds me of a really dead bloated octopus?!?!?!

    1. I shall start my bag packing preparation now!

      I see what you mean about the dead octopus - the head/body on the left, and the arms coming out of the top and hanging down the rock, yes.

  3. Are you sure that broken-stone-thingy isn't an ossified Croc, washed ashore from MJ's rejects?
    But the spiral stones are lovely!

    1. Good job The Very Mistress is otherwise engaged sorting out garden photos, otherwise someone might have a "Banned By Infomaniac" sticker slapped upon their person!

      P.S. re the stones - thank you.

  4. Wouldn't Spiral Stones be a good name for a band? What is that thing that it poking up in your beach garden?[first beach garden pic] It looks rather perky.
    The Cormorant returned home the other day, so I knew exactly what you were up to.

    1. Spiral Stones - An unholy amalgam of The Rolling Stones and Inspiral Carpet?

      The perky thing is a bit of drift wood shaped like a cane/umbrella handle. It was laying around amongst the marram grass, so I stuck it in the sand.

    2. Oh, and don't pay any attention to that what that cormorant says - its a terrible gossip, with bad eyesight (so couldn't possibly have seen what I was up to astride that groyne...)

  5. I just looove the fossilised thingy. Perhaps it was a furry thingy - Res vellosa. Also I hope your current residence is safe from the floods. I can hear the bells of St Martin's as I write this and hopefully it's just a practice and not an evacuation warning!

    1. Thank you, yes the DeVice Mansion is quite safe from floods (its on one of the highest bits of land in the village).

      I have no idea what Res Vellosa is (internet search doesn't help), but maybe that's for the best?

    2. Res vellosa is Latin for furry thingy. I'm not just good for humping table legs and sniffing crotches, you know!


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