Thursday 8 August 2019

'Dialled Up To Eleven

My first sundial at 10:42
 It has been over a week since my last post, and over three weeks since I brought back some photos from the beach, so it's about time I remedied that.  And what better remedy than a besundialed groyne?!
 With today being one of those rare Thursdays where plans haven't been made for me, I found myself down on the beach (after I'd hung the washing out, of course) hoping for a swim.



 Due to a combination of a cool wind, only very intermittant sunshine, and people, the swim didn't materialise, but I did find something else to do...

 I partially covered a big groyne with sundials!

 The first one (pictured up top in the first photo) was hastily slapped together using a handful of odd pebbles, but it did at least have a vaguely accurate approach to discerning the time.
 I then branched out to create sundials using matching pebbles, like the one above (also a reasonably accurate time keeper - it was 11:00 when I took that photo), and the black one below (10:58 is the time stamp on the double sundial photo). 

Just ignore ShadowMe - it's just after some attention

 Then time started to unravel...  The photo of the black sundial above was taken at 11:26, but the gnomon's shadow was still pointing at 11.
 I made the white sundial (below) last, seemingly while under the influence of whatever time displacement was going on because I set it up thinking it was 11:00, but it was, in fact, twentyfive past.

 This yellow sundial managed to keep clear of the time displacement zone as, at 11:25, it is showing the right time (or thereabouts).

 Finally, let's leave the sundials and tease the next post with the final image below:


  1. Replies
    1. Don't worry - I "Slip Slap Slopped" on the Factor 50.

      Although, funnily enough, one of the 'upright' bits of groyne just out of shot in the yellow sundial photo had been burnt. It must have been a smokin' hot groyne...

  2. I see what you're doing with your groyne photos; you're incorrigible, Mr Devine.

    1. I'm sure I don't know what you mean, Ms Scarlet.

      And I'm only a little bit corrugated...

  3. Is it going to be left to me to "top" the groyne jokes? Pass.Or parse?

    1. Of course it is, Dinah. After all, you started it!


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