Sunday, 29 July 2007

And the eyes have it

I can tell you're all on tenterhooks waiting to find out whose eye it was. Is, in fact. After all, he's still alive to the best of my knowledge...

Ta da!

It's the brooding and sultry Lee Ryan of Blue fame. He reminds me a bit of a young Connor Trinneer...


  1. So it's not Brian Blessed or f**king Limahl then?


  2. Minor celebrity??

    How about non existant??

    *now understands why there were no prizes*

  3. Anonymous29/7/07 22:17

    Sadly, I find myself agreeing with the fat Oirish cunt.

  4. I guessed correctly. I'm a clever sod.

  5. Will you just fuck Connor Trinnear (literally) and get it over with so we can move onto something else?

    Like the shorts, perhaps?

  6. SID: OK, so he might not be around much now, but he was quite the little attention seeker a couple of years ago!

    P&T: * gasps and falls off chair in shock 'agreeing with FOC' statement *

    Tickers: Ha ha. Very clever!

    MJ: Should the chance present itself, I'd be happy to!

    Possibly another 7 days until I get those 'Shorts pics back...

  7. Maybe you could get Lee Ryan to pose with the elf shorts.

  8. Anonymous30/7/07 13:14

    Maybe he could get Lee Ryan to pose without anything on.

    Other than a cloth sack over his head.

    And an orange in his mouth.

    And facing the other way.

    Behind a window.

    With the curtains closed.

    And the lights off.

    With only an alsation for company.

  9. Anonymous30/7/07 16:34

    Never been to keen on his nose, but he has lovely lips.

  10. P&T... Why be so cruel to the alsation?

  11. Anonymous30/7/07 22:06

    Sid - Cruel? Oh no - the alsation will be starving, you see.

    Rescued from the clutches of some Oirish gypsies and having not been fed for at least 3 weeks while they were out nicking cars.

    This character would mark the end of it's hunger as it enjoys it's firsy warm meal of the month.

  12. Anonymous30/7/07 22:08

    'Firsy'is slang for 'first', obviously.

    *blames plaster on finger*

  13. I've...never heard of him.

    Weird jacket, though.

  14. Anonymous31/7/07 13:28

    I wish I'd never heard him.

  15. Huh! Never heard of him! But I do like that photo, though. Does that count? :D

  16. I am very attracted to the first photo. Dead sexy.

    Qenny ruined it a bit for me though with the nose comment, never noticed that before.

    In the second one his eyes look positively evohl

  17. God, I once stood about two foot away from this nobwit; for the love of God, I wish I'd punched him out. I would've undoubtedly been mauled by teenage girls if I had though.

  18. Grr, Why couldn't it be some very attractive lady :-)

  19. Oof! I really can't be bothered to reply to everyone - Shameful, eh?

    Anyway, Piggy seems to have replied to some of you. I'll post again tomorrow.

    I'm off for some wine!


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