Tuesday, 17 July 2007

'Shorts sharp dash for freedom!

I arrived back home to find that...

* cue Orff's O Fortuna (that's the music from The Omen and the Old Spice ad to you heathens) *

... the house was full of noxious fumes. Opening the windows and doors, and fanning the smog with Broom, revealed this:

Holy crap! The Freakin' Green Elf Shorts had escaped from their metal prison!

I rushed through the house to find them just about to squeeze through the bathroom window. Not wanting to touch the vile things with my bare hands, I held out Broom in an attempt to snag them on it, but Broom wasn't having any of it and twisted away. I watched in shock as The 'Shorts slid out of the window and into the garden. Even the rose bush and the passiflora had the sense to recoil out of the way.


How will I ever find them now?


  1. Have you been breathing the fumes from the shorts? They've made you delirious…

  2. I have O Fortuna on my iPod, and sometimes I cue it up to make my day more exciting and mysterious.

  3. That's scary stuff

    synthetic fabrics are scary like that

    mixed with MJs BO makes it nightmarish

  4. Oh sweet baby Jesus I'd managed to erase the thought of the elf shorts from my mind. And now this.

  5. Certainly not intentionally. Whatever are you implying, Tim?

    : What a fabulous idea! Do you find yourself involved in car chases, leaps from tall buildings, games of deadly, deadly cat & mouse with spies?

    Cyberpete: Ha ha! You said it!

    Watch it, Snooze. They may be coming for you!

  6. I'm saying you've been sniffing those vile shorts.

    What did you think I was saying?

  7. I suspect they might have gone "ferel" and may be living in the woods! watch out for pets and livestock being attacked in the area

  8. You'll do anything to put off this compo, won't you?

    Don't think I don't recognize a stalling technique when I see one.

  9. Anonymous18/7/07 16:38

    So spoketh the expert staller!

  10. Smunty took longer than I did.

    He set the bar in procrastination.

  11. Come on IDV!

    Show us your fabulous gams in those synthetic green freakin elf shorts

  12. The shorts contain a molecular acid?

    puts on goggles and pokes at the hole with a pen

  13. Moleular acid??

    MJ batter.

  14. Spreadable. On toast.

    Note that SID had The Shorts before they ever got round to me and is therefore responsible for the buildup of noxious fumes.


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