Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, we didn't go and see Indescribable yesterday, which was a bit of a relief. The Father said the weather wasn't going to be too good, so we couldn't have a picnic by some fen somewhere - I don't know what it's called/where it is, as I was trying not to listen to him.

However, the weather turned out to be quite delightful. Ha!

I did have to suffer the ignominy of the manual labour at The Parent's today, though. More on that in a couple of days when I get the photo's sorted out...

Oh, and I found The 'Shorts!


  1. Yay! First!

    You found the shorts, huh? Well, we're looking forward to seeing those stick-thin drag queen legs of yours in them.


    You? Manual labour? What were you then? The tea-trolly dolly?

  2. If you think I'm exposing my legs, you've got another thing coming.
    Unless I get a spray tan...

    If by 'tea-trolley' you mean ruddy great cement mixer, then, yes, that's what I was.

  3. *laffs at tea-trolly dolly comment*

    His stick-thin drag queen legs will be up in the air and behind his head. He's permanently stuck in that position.

  4. I'm just checking for dry skin, that's all.

    * pouts *

  5. I would have thought the fleet would leave plenty of moisturizer behind.

    All those seamen.

  6. By 'Tea-trolly dolly' I was referring you to handing out bone-china cups and saucers and serving from a silver teapot.

    Lapsang Souchong, wasn't it?

    Fucking poof.

    Rumour has it that your constant flicking of your hair over your left shoulder was very off-putting.

  7. And....

    IDV with a spray tan?

    I imagine you'd resemble Imran Khan in the morning suffering a hangover.

  8. Manual labour... the shorts... what next? A holiday in Guantanamo?

  9. So you're on holiday and you're being made to work?


    I bet you were wearing those shorts the entire time. You've probably had them on since you first got them and they've become fused to your skin. Gross.

  10. IDV and The Shorts have become one. Yes.

    The DNA of MJ, Smunty and countless other filthy unwashed cunts have melded with IDV.



    Still, I suppose it help stop passers-by staring at his flabby moobs.

  11. *wonders what poor bitch will have to wear The Shorts after IVD's deposited his filth into them*

  12. MJ: Oh, they did. A bunch of better presented young men I never did see.
    However, I seem to have misplaced a couple of vats of... er... 'moisturiser'...

    Piggy: It was Darjeeling, actually, you stunted little homo.
    And the spray tan didn't take. What with the lack of moisturiser, I look more like Jemima Khan.

    Snooze: Ooh, I'm never going there again * shudder *

    Tim: Oh, a little dampness will soon enable them to be peeled off. Perhaps you have some, umm... moisturiser you can throw over them?

    Piggy again: Do I detect a hint of jealousy that you haven't felt The 'Shorts against your rough, scabby skin?
    And moobs! How very dare you! I'm positively sylph-like.

    MJ: My filth is going nowhere near the hideous abominations. Is it, Tim?

  13. Sylph-like?

    More like syphlitic.