Sunday, 22 July 2007

Time to die

I found this while searching for pictures of clockwork octopi. Amusing, isn't it?

I know I was going to post about the Clockwork Octopus, but I want a good picture to go with it. And seeing as how I used up all my black and white film on those damnable 'Shorts, I can't take a photo of the clicking, whirring thing that's taken up residence in my waterbutt. I was going to draw a picture, but that's just too much hard work, plus I have no way of getting it inside this infernal Demon Box - I don't think this little drawer in the humming box next to my screen is designed to take paper, no matter how much I fold it up.

There's no way I'm doing a pic in Paint either - far too complicated...

I don't know who came up with this image - I went back to Google images and searched for a while, but there're only so many emo pics I can stand before I either give in and join them, or translocate the 'Box into the Dungeon Dimensions.

Hmmm... I'm no longer feeling amused. Feeling a little depressed actually. Is that a stanley knife I can see?


  1. *Sigh*

    I'm so emo, I only had enough mascara for one eye. Life's so hard.

  2. I might as well give up now. This mascara's not even waterproof.

    Why me!

    * sigh *

  3. Your what? Waterbutt?

    We don't need the details of your enema, thank you.

  4. Anonymous22/7/07 16:34

    Oh shush!

    How can you be depressed when the sun is shining, once again?

    Ok. If you insist.

    Don't bother with that silly little Stanley knife though.

    *hands the witch a samurai sword*

  5. Fight the emo power, IDV. It's weak and moody, it'll knock over easily.

  6. It still hasn't been explained properly to me what the difference between Goths and Emo's is.

  7. Anonymous23/7/07 10:37

    Emo's have smaller willies, Frobi.

  8. Anonymous23/7/07 12:33

    And Emo's are gay.

    Unlike Goths, who are just weirdo's that need to grow up and get a fucking life.

  9. You gonna take a pic of that waterbutt of yours?


  10. Oh, but MJ, I was going to send you the overflow.

    P&T: Coo, thanks!

    * swish swish thud *

    Oops... There goes my head again.

    Dinah: * picks up head and shakes the emo-ness out *

    You're right - It was weak. And all I had to do was chop off my head to get rid of it. Stings a bit, though...

    Frobi: I think Piggy's answered that for me.

    Cyberpete: If the price is right!

  11. Goths like to hurt each other.

    Emo's hurt themselves.

  12. Ah, Tickers, you fount of knowledge. At least with the Goths & Emos hurting themselves, it saves us the bother of hurting them.

    I wonder why they haven't all become extinct, though?

  13. That is a fantastic image. Mind you, the original poster is disturbing enough.

  14. How about if I send you my spare red Sony Ericsson camera mobile?


  15. Snooze: Isn't it. I really wish I could find out who did it.

    Cyberpete: You really want to see me making a tit of myself, don't you?

    Don't worry, a digital camera is on my shopping list!

  16. Anonymous27/7/07 13:17

    I think the closest thing I've ever seen to a clockwork octopus was a character in La Cite Des Enfants Perdues. And wonderfully evil it was, too.


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