Monday, 9 July 2007

Witches blink not*

I have just watched Flight of the Navigator for the first time in years and nearly blubbed. It was only my iron will and lack of blinking which prevented me from becoming a soggy mess.
It's a good job we witches don't tend to blink. Instead, especially when 500 feet up and travelling at a good rate of knots, we use those little ducts in our lower eyelids to squirt moisture on our eyeballs to keep them moist. A witch can miss an awful lot while blinking. Helen Adams would definitely not a good witch make!

Oh, and another thing. I've joined the ridiculousness of Farceparty. Well, I'm sick to death of waiting for Knight, and I can't find anyone suitable in the real world, so cybermaspace** it is. Watch out Gaydar - You're next!

* by D H Lawrence. It may have been called something else...
** Don't worry Tim. You can breathe a sigh of relief. I'm not coming for you.***

*** Yet. We'll see how well this goes. Just don't clutter up your windowsill just yet!


  1. Flight of the Navigator rocks!



    I'll be booby-trapping the windows tonight.

  2. Anonymous10/7/07 16:10

    Flight of The Navigator?

    How fucking old are you?

  3. M and J?!? What happened to Tazzy & Piggy?

    Don't you mean 'how young'? I was eleven when it was out. What were you? Middle-aged?

  4. I love that movie! I am going to go off in search of it, *toot sweet*!

    IDV, I am also going to investigate farceparty, but honestly, totty as hot as you should find someone smashing on the interwebs in no time. Oh and I am sure your magicks and great personality will be a drawing card too... for people who care about things like whether we are nice people or not.

  5. T-Bird! You're back - Yay!

    Don't get too excited by Farceparty - It just seems to be an Interwebular Meat Market! I've been on for just over a week now and have only been contacted by "TXT TALKING" youngsters. Bah! If I see "LOL" one more time, it'll be a dark day indeed.

  6. Hmmm, Flight of the Navigator - never heard of it. I had to Google it. Still never heard of it. What planet are you from?

  7. Anonymous11/7/07 17:14

    Pissoff - Not ours, that's for sure.

    Do you think he might have some Canuck in him?

    *thinks it's certain some Canucks have had him*

  8. Anonymous11/7/07 20:15

    Blubbing at Flight of the Navigator


  9. Anonymous11/7/07 22:41

    Such a poof.

  10. Pissoff: You should watch it. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotional turmoil.

    Well, actually, a spaceship ride...

    And I'm not from Phaelon, before you ask.

    T&P: Your planet being Planet Perv? You're right, I'm not from yours.

    Connie and Tim: Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

    * crack B O O M !

    I hope you're happy now. A storm has suddenly sprung up and it's tipping it down!

  11. Is that the film with the silver shaped turd for a spacecraft?

  12. Yes.

    I mean: No. It's the film with the silver shaped spacecraft for a spacecraft.

    * sulks *

  13. Get those Elf Shorts on you little queen.

  14. Once I make my millions I'm totally gonna remake FOTN. I'm also going to finance Bread: The Musical, a stage show of the hilarious Scouse comedy.

  15. MJ: You're back!

    Ummm... errr... I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing. I still haven't thought of a pose.

    Skillz: Bagsy best seats on openeing night.

    For FOTN. Not Bread: The Musical, as I think I'm washing my hair that night...

  16. You might start by trying to keep your legs together.

  17. I've never heard of this, I feel left out...

    I hope your Meat Market is going well.

  18. MJ: So says the hypocrite.

    Oh, Dinah. You're probably too young...

    * mutters about kids today *


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