Saturday, 21 July 2007

Dynamic Tension

Right. I'm off to the site of Dr. Frank n Furter's castle to see if there're any more Rocky Horrors lying around.

Well, I need a house boy. I'm sick of doing everything myself.

Anyone know which way Denton is?


  1. ickle_bro said...
    Oh No, the video doesn't work! what does this mean? next the internet will break, than all the computers in the world.

    ahhh, armageddon

    21/7/07 10:24

    Piggy and Tazzy said...
    The owner of this video does not allow embedding....

    Thick cunt.

    21/7/07 10:27

    S.I.D. said...
    I hope your house boy can embed YouTube videos.

    Preferably working ones.

    *awaits three days for penny to drop*

    21/7/07 11:01

    MJ said...
    Maybe your houseboy can use his camera phone to get some shots of you in The Shorts.

    21/7/07 11:38

    Tim said...
    It's that whole technoretard thing again, isn't it?

    21/7/07 11:49

  2. Mhaha! You'd get RSI doing everything yourself... Hehehe jokes

  3. OK, OK... I've tinkered and jiggerypokered, and posted a different (but the same) video.

    I had to copy and paste your comments as one giant one, because I couldn't just swap the first video with the second for some technobabble reason...

    * siiiiiiiighhhhh *

  4. Worth another watch. I love this film. Of course it would have been nothing without the contribution of Christopher Biggins.

  5. I know, Tickers. I am transfixed by him whenever he's on screen.
    Not in a pervy, lascivious way, of course!

  6. You know, you'd fit right in in that scene with the shorts. They would match the little gold lamé number

  7. Snooze: Wouldn't they! Perhaps I should set up some sort of RHPS convention? Alas, I fear it couldn't be done in time to satisfy MJ, Piggy & Tazzy et al...

    Something to think about should The 'Shorts come your way.

    M'Lady: I didn't intentionally ignore you, sorry. Getting RSI that way certainly beats the tried & tested getting-it-at-work way!

  8. In just 7 days I can make you man!

    Ah. Classic.

  9. All I got was that very nice chap in the golden pants.

    Not bad

    not bad at all


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