Tuesday, 14 February 2006

I didn't burn him...

I know what it looks like but Pete isn't dead.

I didn't finish him off with that fireball just because he has a Bitch Girlfriend TM*, who's soon to be a Bitch Wife TM**.


I'm happy that he's happy. Really. I just haven't got the right innards, or outers(outards?) for that matter, to please him. I did once upon a time but that's another story...

Anyway, I've got Naked Knight now, I don't need Pete. NK can do some amazing things with that armour of his! Well, when I say "got" I may be making it a bit clearer than it actually is.
We're not an actual couple (the bastard) - Ooh, I didn't type that. Psychokinesis is playing up again. At least subconscious had the decency to put it in brackets.

Hang on.

Was it subconscious or was it the Host? Or was it the Host's subconscious? See, that's the trouble with taking over someone else's body and mind. Not only does one get them but one has to cope with one's own subconscious and the host's subconscious, too.

This is all rather tiring and I've gone right off the point which was probably nonexistant anyway.

I'm off to drink more wine!

* A TOTAL Bitch. Smug in her cosy boyfriended world. She lets others see her smugness because they all fancy her gorgeous boyfriend who she doesn't deserve. Probably. She can't actually love him, can she? An ice-hearted cyborg like her can't have actual feelings can she? Can she? And it's so not because he's straight. Oh no...

** See above. But she's probably less smug and gloating as her competitiveness has worn off or something or nothing. Waaaaahh! Wish I was a beautiful straight girl. Maybe there's a spell hanging around here...

Crikey. Must pull myself together. Sounding like a right bitter, jealous old hag.

Brrreeeport - see Tazzy & Piggy.


  1. Anonymous14/2/06 21:18

    Yay!, etc...

    Bloody hell, you're quick off the mark with the 'Brrreeeport' thingy!

    Anyway (fave word), Happy Valentines Day from your fave Yorkshire poofs.

    *hug, kiss and two squeezes of the bum*

  2. Anonymous14/2/06 22:00

    Happy Valentines day dear DeVice have another gentle, lady bum squeeze from me... I know its not the same but the thought is there ;-)

  3. Ooh, I feel violated. But in a good way!

    * squeezes back *

  4. You should make a voodoo doll.

    I'm not kidding either. I made one of the bitch that stole my fiancé and jabbing things like thumb tacks and straight pins into it is quite the stress reliever.

    Well...it made me feel better anyways.

  5. I love your writing so much, I'm going to forget my straightness for a moment and wish you "Happy Valantines Day!" with a quick kiss and a fondle.

    I see you've sorted the 'links' thing. Well done! You've made my day.

  6. Anonymous15/2/06 12:42

    Ooh Steelworker, you've come over all queer... :)

  7. My god, man, you're weird.

    But in a good way.

    I think.

  8. Well, that's the weird out of the way (for now), Wyndham. Next stop: The science bit!

    When I can be bothered, naturally.


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