Thursday, February 02, 2006

Familiarity breeds contempt


My familiar
May answer to the name BEAKY depending on what mood he's in.
He looks like a stuck up blackbird with a streak
of white feathers over his left eye.
He doesn't like fingers, children, clean cars, greasy hair,
raisins and that high pitched squeal that babies make.
I don't want him back, so if you see him, tell him to bugger off.
He's a selfish, snobby imperialist.
Good riddance!


  1. I do adore you. You're nuttier than a squirrel caserole.

  2. Why, thank you Mr. Binding.

    We'll have to trade recipes. Do you prefer free range red or the slightly fattier grey?

  3. Ah, you shouldn't caserole the red, dear DeVice, there should be eaten as the french eat escargots... I believe the grey is nice once it's been marinated....

  4. >Do you prefer free range red or the slightly fattier grey?<
    I think the real question here is, how rare do you like your squirrel?

  5. I'm tempted to say 'kill it and put it in a pie', but I won't.