Wednesday, 8 February 2006


I was repainting the bathroom when I had a thought.

Yes, just the one.

I thought: Hearing people burp makes me sick, so isn't it a good job that hearing people fart doesn't provoke a similar, but lower down, reaction.

And just to clarify, I don't like to hear other people expel poo-air. And the bathroom is now a deeper, richer red called Gorgeous (although it's not quite finished. It needs touching up. I'll do it tomorrow...).


  1. Anonymous9/2/06 01:37

    Yay! I'm first!

    I'd rather hear 'bottom burps' than smell them.

    Especially those ones you can taste.

    *trots back out, leaving behind a heavy green gas and smell of overcooked sprouts*

  2. Oooooogh... Aaaacckk... I've got the dry heaves!

    That was a lingerer, you git.

  3. Anonymous9/2/06 20:47

    I myself have been single for too long and now have grown accustomed to expelling at will, although to my credit it is more volume than stench. Still, not too becoming of a young lady. Am currently attempting to train my gas although it's having none of it. I blame the gargoyle.


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