Thursday, 5 January 2006

The Flight Crew - Air stewards need not apply

Oof! Sorry, just got back from arial manoueuvers with the Supernaturals. Well, not all of them as only Dragon can fly (her that torched my best tupperware).

The Lady can levitate a bit but she doesn't like to as she's a bit wobbly and doesn't want to ruin her poise and grace. And when she does get airbourne she's more than a bit rubbish as she can't do changes of direction easily. Or changes in altitude. Or velocity. Basically, she can get about 10 feet off the ground before she becomes afflicted with vertigo and the constant thought that people are trying to look up her dress at her drawers.

Anyway, I was supposed to see how well I could manoueuver on the broom with a passenger while being pursued by a threat force, i.e. Dragon acting like a loony (which isn't difficult). My passenger was Seer. He's a nice boy. Something of a precognitive. It's handy to have him around because even though I can see into the future, I generally need something reflective like a mirror or a bowl of water and ink or, at a push, a shiny chocolate wrapper. He can do it without props. And he says he gets a clear image. Not like when I do it - it's like looking through a damn kaleidoscope!

We were doing quite well for a while. His strong hands gripping me around my waist as we chicaned through some trees, hoping to lose Dragon who was in hot pursuit. Suddenly, he gave a little gasp and I felt his hands spasm around me. This was closely followed by a blast of hot, noxious air. I turned to see his eyes screwed tightly shut and his skin looking a little green.

Then I saw the broom's bristles on fire! It lurched beneath us before losing altitude at an alarming rate. As we plummeted groundwards, Dragon, who was treading air, had her hand over her mouth and an apologetic look on her face.

"I burped. Sorry".


  1. Anonymous7/1/06 10:27

    'look up her dress at her drawers'...

    Yes, a popular sport.

    Mind you I've seen skimpy pants, big pants, almost non-existent pants but never drawers. Are they like knickerbockers?
    I must get some... ;)

  2. Something like knickerbockers, only not as flouncy. A more sturdy arrangement...

  3. *cough*
    Aren't drawers scary, stomach holding-in, enormous knickers? With frilly lace? And with enough material that one can store all that could possibly be needed for a two week break?
    Hmm- I think I've been spending too much time in the M&S underwear department..

  4. I'm sorry that I haven't taken the time to check you out until now, ID - very slack of me.

    Here's me, following the link from your profile, not really knowing what to expect. Didn't bloody expect this!

    How very entertaining.


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