Sunday, 29 January 2006

Shit off, Fuckboxes

I've just had a rather shocking experience.

I was just doing some blog browsing and clicked on Tazzy & Piggy's site only to find out that it's closed.

Even though I was a newcomer to their enjoyably insulting and exceedingly rude blog, I felt right at home. They kept me and countless other bloggers suitably entertained and horrified in equal measure. It's strange how people I've never met can have had such an affect.

All I can say is: Shit off, Fuckboxes! I'll miss you. And if this is a joke I'm going to feel like a right tit.

Now, don't anyone else get any ideas about closing down your blogs.


  1. Anonymous30/1/06 20:51

    Oh no! Looks bad, dunnit.... RIP Tazzy and Piggy, you will be missed.
    *wipes away tear*
    just a note: my word verification thingy for this comment is: r u out

  2. Anonymous31/1/06 12:45

    Mine is: ibtxrtfi. How in Hell does one pronounce that?

    I don't want to remove T&P from my links yet just in case they come back. How long do I leave it though? A couple of weeks?


  3. Bloody loads of blogs are closing - 5 of my favourites alone (I include Honeytom in that - he made one post on 5 Dec then fucked off - bastard). I guess that people get bored. I might do the same if I don't get more readers - seems a lot of effort for 6 regular visitors.

    Thanks for being 16.6% of my readership, IDV!

  4. I always want to comment on The Merkins blog, but can't (because he doesn't allow 'others' to comment). Oh well, I still thinks he's a very funny read.


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